‘Dinner in the Sky’ (Helsinki - Finland)

‘Dinner in the Sky’

[ Aug.2015 ] When we were walking in Helsinki, we looked up and found this machine.

At first I thought it was a part of amusement park and did not think much of it, but one time we happened to be there when they came down and found that this was the scene of “Dinner in the Sky”.

People eat proper foods in the air like this.

This is the event started in Belgium in 2006 and has been in 45 cities in the world, but I saw it for the first time.

We approached to look at the menu.

The cheapest one was 15 minutes ride for a snack and it cost 58 euros for two and the most expensive one was over 300 euros for two and the dinner takes 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What do they do about the toilet? What about the weather? Are the foods not warm? — many questions.

I have a tendency of acrophobia, but at the same time I like going up to high places.

I would like to experience this once…

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