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Delicious Foods are Good for Your Soul (Milan)

[ Jan.2019 ] One day in January, when the winter sale was already in the latter half, we were walking cheerfully towards my favourite brand’s outlet in Milan in Italy and I tripped and fell….


The Last Evening in Tenerife

[ Jan.2019 ] We made a big mistake when we booked our winter holiday in Tenerife in Spain. We booked the flight and the hotels separately and the dates did not match. Luckily, about one…


Poor Garachico

[ Jan.2019 ] We have been to most of the places we wanted to visit in Tenerife in Spain during our winter holiday, but there was one place left towards the end of our stay….


The Virgin of Candelaria

[ Jan.2019 ] The ‘Virgin of Candelaria’ is the subject of the pictures I saw and liked in La Laguna, where we stayed for the first half of our holiday in Tenerife in Spain. The…


New Year’s Eve in Puerto de la Cruz

[ Dec.2018 ] On the night of New Year’s Eve, we went to a restaurant called Nada Mas, which we had booked in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife, in Spain. Every…


Garachico and the Dragon Tree

[ Dec.2018 ] After coming down from Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, our tour went up to the north of Tenerife and stopped at a restaurant on the hill, where we could look…


Climb Up Mount Teide

[ Dec.2018 ] Mount Teide in Tenerife in Spain is a volcano with a height of 3,718 metres, which is the highest mountain in the country. It is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site….


The Lovely Restaurant in La Orotava

[ Dec.2018 ] The day we visited the historic town of La Orotava in the north of Tenerife in Spain was a Sunday. Many of the restaurants there were not open on Sundays and we…