To Canterbury by Train

To Canterbury by Train

Although it was Sunday, we got up early and went to the historical city of Canterbury in the south of England by train. Because it was after the spring equinox, the days...



Unusual Photomarathon in Italy

Because we like taking photos, we have taken part in Photomarathons many times. A Photomarathon is a kind of photo competition, taking photos in one day, in accordance with the themes they…


About Our Last Meal in Lisbon and Our Hotel

We were planning to have our last meal in Lisbon in Portugal this time at the seafood restaurant called Marisqueira do Lis, which was recommended by the guide of our private tour…


Look up the white cliff

There is a place you can go down to the beach and look up the famous white cliff in England. The place is called Birling Gap. When you get off the…



When we were walking in the town of Ravenna in Italy, we saw a stall by nuns in a square.They were selling creams and shampoos which they made in their convent.When we…

Miranda Friends

Stay in a Ryokan

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. In the touristic town of Kotohira, in Kagawa prefecture, I stayed one night in a tipical Japanese hotel (Ryokan), called Tsuruya. My Japanese friend Shogo, who accompanied...


I continue talking about my second visit to Prague after 19 years. Last time I noticed only a few suvenir shops, mainly selling glassware or wood craft things, but this time I...

Air India

Air India is India’s national flag carrier. Although air transport was born in India on February 18, 1911 when Henri Piquet, flying a Humber bi-plane, carried mail from Allahabad to Naini Junction, some six miles...

Hokkaido soup

This is a photo of 'Hokkaido' soup I had in Oberstein in Germany.It was written like that in their menu.Very nice pumpkin soup, that was.

A good hotel

This time in Verona, I stayed in Hotel San Luca.The hotel I had stayed last time, which was satisfactory was full, so I chose San Luca because of the good location.It was a...

Wonderful Fado and Meal in Lisbon

We wanted to listen to Fado at least once while we were in Portugal, so we picked up a few leaflets at the lobby in our hotel in Lisbon. There were quite...

Genuine Bolognese

Because I felt like eating an authentic Bolognese, we went to Bologna, in Italy.  We searched the internet for a good restaurant with a good reputation and found one called Antica Torattoria...

Be careful about cheap flight

This is the picture of the statue of three legs symbol of Isle of Man in front of the airport.The jouney in the island was very smooth, but at the end...