a great time at the market in Urumchi

A great time at the market in Urumchi

We went to Urumchi by bus from Turpan in China. Again the bus was a clunker and it took about 5 hours. On the way, I saw the scar from the flood...



Sightseeing tour in Turpan

On the third day in Turpan, the town in Xinjiang in China, we had the sightseeing tour with the minibus driver whom we had met on the first day. We were staying…


Turpan was very popular, but…

Because both of the guidebooks we were using during the travelling in China recommended Turpan enthusiastically, my expectation was high and probably it was too high. First, we had a hard time…


To Paris, in the Middle of Disturbance

We went to Paris to see the ballet in early December. Paris and all over France have been troubled every Saturday by the demonstration of the “Yellow Vest Movement”, the anti-government movement, since…

Emilia Romagna

‘Toccata and Fugue’ in a church

In San Francesco chuch in Piacenza in Italy, I had a wonderful experience.After looking around in the church, I was called by one local man in Japanese,”Are you Japanese?”.He is Father…


Sky Tree experience

Tokyo Sky Tree is not the new news any more, but we went up there first time this time. My friend had booked the tickets, so we did not have to wait…

Miranda Friends

Relaxed in a Jazz bar in Kobe

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. Our friend Okazawa-san accompanied us in Kobe city. It is only half an hour by train from Osaka. Kobe is a city near the mountain and the...

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

According to company’s official web site, Virgin Atlantic Airways is a success story. Back In the early 80s Richard Branson was probably best known for Virgin Records – the legendary record label that signed major...

Korean BBQ, again

We went to eat Korean Barbecue in Seoul again this year.It was a bigger restaurant than last year and Japanese tourists were coming in one after another.They came to pick us up in...

5 star hotel with thermal spring

During the Turkish group tour, we did not stay in a specially good hotels, but Kervansaray Hotel in Bursa was 5 star. Around here is famous for its hot spring and the hotel...

eating and sightseeing in Bologna

Because we wanted to eat the authentic Bolonese, we went to Bologna from Milan in Italy. We have not been there for some time. The restaurant we headed for was Trattoria della...


Everywhere in Basque country in Spain, you would notice Pintxos, their special food. It is like an elaborate version of canape. They use bread instead of crackers and on top of...

Fast while you are on

In Taiwan, there are many many restaurants or stands where you can eat and people are eating everywhere and at any time.Many Asian countries are like that.But in the underground in Taipei, you mustn't...