It’s a beautiful beach, but..

It’s a beautiful beach, but..

Our summer holiday, staying in Syracuse in Sicily, was already more than half way through. Since it was a stay type holiday, we also worked. On this day, after working in the...



The walking tour and sunset

After a week of staying in Syracuse, a historic town in Sicily, Italy, we participated in a free walking tour. Actually, it is more meaningful to participate in such tours as soon…


My husband was disappointed, but..

On this day during our summer holiday in Syracuse in Sicily, we had lunch at a restaurant called Locanda del Collegio. The boatman on the boat trip the day before recommended us,…


Washing day

This day was the day when “living” came first during our stay-type holiday in Syracuse, Sicily. As I wrote before, this Airbnb was almost 100 percent comfortable, but there was no washing machine….


The bed of Juliet

Verona in Italy is famous as a town of Romeo and Juliet.There is a building supposed to be Juliet’s house, which is very popular among tourists.Of course there is a balcony there, though…

Miranda Friends


This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting. There were some small things that impressed me in Moscow, because things were different from the west: One of these was that the newspapers were basically free and a...

Cathay Pacific Airways

Initially based in Shanghai, the two men eventually moved to Hong Kong and established the airline.

How to taste wine

During our boat tour, going down the Garonne river in France, after listening to the explanation on Bordeaux wine, we had the tasting. We tried ...

The Hotel Where We Stayed

We stayed in a hotel called Parco dei Principi in Roccella Jonica in southern Italy. They had a huge site facing the main road and the local people seemed to use...

Restaurant near the market

On the day we arrived in Zadar in Croatia, we went to a restaurant which was recommended in the accommodation leaflet. It was an outdoor restaurant called Malo Misto and situated...

Assorted ham and salami

We had a very light dinner, a glass of red wine with assorted ham and salami in Tirano, the border town between Italy and Switzerland. The red one on the right is called...

another disaster in Paris

We were planning to see a ballet and an opera in Paris as well as visiting our friends in Fontainebleau in France this time. But all of them were cancelled. That is...