This time, a long journey by bus

This time, a long journey by bus

During this trip to Bulgaria, we didn’t plan to do sightseeing in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria because we had visited there on a tour before. However, due to the public transport network,...



Time is money

The last thing we saw during our sightseeing in the old town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria was the Roman Theatre. This Roman Theatre can be said to be the centrepiece of Plovdiv sightseeing,…


Lunch on the outdoor terrace

It was almost lunch time on the day of sightseeing in the old town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. We went to a restaurant called Rahat Tepe, which was recommended by the proprietor of…


Stay at Airbnb in Seregno

The town of Seregno in Lombardy, Italy, is about 30 kilometers north of Milan, right in the middle of the towns of Milan and Como. We rented an Airbnb in this town and…


Showing economic difficulty

Ireland was called ‘Celtic Tiger’ until  some years ago because of its economic success. But Leman Shock changed the situation and now having a huge debt as a country and they are really…


Gorgeous restaurant

On that day we had our lunch in the historical restaurant in Rio de Janeiro called Confeitaria Colombo. It was a large restaurant with the huge mirrors founded in 1894. Because of…

Miranda Friends

People in Osaka

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting I don’t have enough experience to evaluate the different characters of Japanese people depending on where they are from, but soon after I went out of the...

Shopping in Brasov

You can enjoy shopping in Brasov in Romania, which is a quite big city. This photo is the blouse of their national costume, which I bought there. It is hand embroidered. Actually,...

All Nippon Airways

According to company’s official website, in December 1952, Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co., Ltd was established with the goal of restoring regular air transportation services disrupted by WW II. The company started a helicopter...

Korean BBQ, again

We went to eat Korean Barbecue in Seoul again this year.It was a bigger restaurant than last year and Japanese tourists were coming in one after another.They came to pick us up in...

The hotel in Aero Island

In Aero Island, I stayed in a hotel called Aerohus.The main building was built 1836, but I stayed in an annex which contains two rooms with a small kitchen.It looked like having been...

Breakfast in this place

This place is a restaurant called Festival 39 where we had a breakfast, though the atmosphere was more like for nightcaps. According to our friends, all the interior here was made with...


This is a photo of Bicerin, a warm drink born in Turin in Italy. It is made of layers of Espresso, chocolate and milk and served in a small glass. In fact,...

Excursion to Uruguay

We went on an excursion to Uruguay from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I had never thought of going to another country, but we learned that it is easy to get there by...