The Colour of the Sea of Miyako-jima Woke Me Up

The Colour of the Sea of Miyako-jima Woke Me Up

In the morning of the second day on Miyako-jima, one of the islands in Okinawa prefecture in Japan, I felt a bit dull and heavy because of the Awamori, the local strong...



To Miyako-jima

For the Easter holiday this year, we went back to Japan and extended our journey to Miyako-jima, one of the islands in Okinawa prefecture. Unfortunately, my husband injured his foot again, just…


The Gorgeous Temple in Lodi

The main reason we visited Lodi from Milan, which is about 30km away, was to see the octagon church, called Incoronata Temple. When we visited another town in Lombardy called Sabbioneta last…


The Cathedral in Lodi

The cathedral in Lodi, the town in Lombardy in the north of Italy, faces a large square called Piazza della Vittoria. The outside of the cathedral is rather simple and it is made…


Lincoln Castle

After we enjoyed visiting the Cathedral in Lincoln in the middle of England, we went to see the Castle opposite to the Cathedral. According to the guidebook, it was built 2 years…

Saint Petersburg

Hermitage Museum

We went to the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg in Russia, at last. The reason I said ‘at last’ is that when I visited this city first time, I could not go…


Lovely fishing village

We went to Muggia from Trieste by ferry.Muggia is even closer to the border.Fortunatelly, we had a very good weather and the view with fishing boats, fishermen, fishing nets and so on…

Miranda Friends

The beautiful town of Akashi

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. On the second day in Osaka, after breakfast, we met a Japanese friend who lives here. His name is Mr. Okazawa and he became our guide. We...

shopping in Burano

One of the purposes of our holiday in Venice this time was island hopping. So we wanted to go to the island of San Francesco del Deserto where there is a monastery...

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand‘s story began in April 1940 when its forerunner airline, Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) was incorporated. The route network was expanded from Australia and the Pacific to Asia, the USA, the UK...

The bread

Altamura in southern Italy is famous for its bread, though I did not know until I read that in my guide book when I planned this short holiday.It is recognised as Protected designation...

Countess’s room

“This used to be a room of a countess” said the hotel manager guiding us to this room. The atmosphere was wonderful. The ceiling was lovely, too. This room was large enough,...

lovely meal in a historic house

At the weekend when the weather forecast was good, we went to Winchester from home in London by train. On the way, we had to change the train at Reading whose station...

Have a rest with Spritz

I learned the taste of Spritz, a typical cocktail in Venice, and every time when we got back to the hotel, we stopped at the bar downstairs and had a relaxing time with this...

The Journey to Milan

From Freiburg in Germany to Milan in Italy, I planned to take two trains, changing once at Basel in Switzerland, arriving at Milan at around 11am.But when I got the Freiburg station very...