a great time at the market in Urumchi

A great time at the market in Urumchi

We went to Urumchi by bus from Turpan in China. Again the bus was a clunker and it took about 5 hours. On the way, I saw the scar from the flood...



Sightseeing tour in Turpan

On the third day in Turpan, the town in Xinjiang in China, we had the sightseeing tour with the minibus driver whom we had met on the first day. We were staying…


Turpan was very popular, but…

Because both of the guidebooks we were using during the travelling in China recommended Turpan enthusiastically, my expectation was high and probably it was too high. First, we had a hard time…


Musee du quai Branly

On the last day of our stay in Paris, after lovely lunch, our friends took us to Musee du quai Branly. Here they exhibit art, clothings, handiworks and so on from Africa,…


Waiters in Tbilisi Forget the Orders

On the evening after we arrived back to the capital, Tbilisi, from our journey in Georgia, we looked for a restaurant called Orshimo, which had a good reputation online. The table…


The Niagara Falls in the park

We joined the tour to see Niagara Falls from Toronto, Canada. We had booked this tour far in advance. One bus-full of tourists were taken to the falls and surrounding area by…

Miranda Friends

Stay in a Ryokan

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. In the touristic town of Kotohira, in Kagawa prefecture, I stayed one night in a tipical Japanese hotel (Ryokan), called Tsuruya. My Japanese friend Shogo, who accompanied...

shopping in Burano

One of the purposes of our holiday in Venice this time was island hopping. So we wanted to go to the island of San Francesco del Deserto where there is a monastery...

United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the most important Airlines in U.S.A. According to company’s official web site, in 1926 United Airline’s first flight of mail was flown by T. Warney from Washington to Nevada. It...

Nothing but potatoes

On the day we had a excursion to Kawagoe in Japan, we only ate potatoes there. Kawagoe is famous for its potatoes. First, we tried baked sweet potato cut in triangle like...

Fujiya Hotel

We stayed in Fujiya Hotel in Hakone, which has a long history since 1878. The interior is made according to the image of Western for Japanese people in those days and it is...

First, dinner

We went to the airport directly from work to take the evening flight to Valencia in Spain. The journey was smooth, but we were very hungry. So as soon as we arrived,...

Jewish cooking

I had a Jewish meal for the first time in Krakow, Poland.The restaurant was called Klezmer Hois and I remember it looked like someones house, rather than a public restaurant.I ate stuffed goose...