Learn about Cuba while excursing to Cienfuegos

On the third day in Trinidad, Cuba, we went down to the hotel lobby at 9 am and boarded the Miguel’s taxi arranged by travel agent, Carlos. Miguel was an English-speaking driver and…


From Trinidad to Playa Ancon

On the morning of the second day in Trinidad, Cuba, it was arranged to meet a person from a travel agency. As promised, we met a man named Carlos at the hotel at…


Charming night view

 This is a night view of Matera, southern Italy. It was marvelous!


Enjoy gemstones

There is German Gemstone Museum in Idar in Germany. There are more than 10000 exhibits from all over the world. It is worth a look. I got very much interested in the stones…

Miranda Friends

A Restaurant, Europe and Japan together

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. I read recently that in Italy some restaurants that serve mix of Italian and Japanese cookings. In Osaka, in Japan, I had the opportunity to have a...

Korean Air

The air transport industry in Korea was initially formed with the establishment of Korea National Airlines (KNA), a private company in 1948. However, as a result of insufficient demand for air traffic, its inability to...

Jacket Potato Restaurant

The guide on the free walking tour in Gdansk in Poland said that there are many good restaurants in the street, which starts at the Great Armoury. So we walked there and...

Reminded me of USSR

This is the photo of the area in front of the lifts in Sheraton Hotel at Malpensa, Milan.This reminded me of Kiev Hotel in Moscow.This Sheraton is new, but disastrous.Please read my travel...

The Last Lunch and 300,000 Euros

After visiting the ruins in Paphos in Cyprus, it was the lunch time. There were many seafood restaurants along the sea front and all of them were touting for business. There was...

Japanese restaurant in Italy

In Italy, Japanese foods are popular, too.I went to a restaurant called ' Kokoro' in Sesto San Giovanni, just outside of Milan.This one serves fusion cooking between Italian and Japanese, run by a...

Blue road

Here in London, you mayhave noticed blue roads recently.I did not know until one of my Facebook friends told me, but this is a special road for cyclists.The purpose is to encourage...