arrived in Alghero

Arrived in Alghero

The flight from Rome to Alghero in Sardinia was quite packed, but Alitalia had a rule to make the middle seats free, so we did not have to be too close to...



Fly to Italy during the pandemic

At the end of August this year, we were originally planning to go to Japan. But Japan has been virtually adopting a national isolation, so our flight was cancelled. Instead, we decided…


A relaxing day in Looe

In the morning of the third day in Looe, the seaside town in Cornwall in south western England, I had ordered pancake for breakfast and got astonished to find that it…


Model of a house

Whenever I find a model of a local house in my travelling, I purchase it, because it is a great memory.I found one in Venice, too.When I entered the shop, the streets…


A festival with no name?

When we arrived in Matera in south Italy, the drum sound was resonant. So we went up to the main square and found the costumed people were marching. We asked a shop assistant…


Devin Castle

We visited Devin Castle in the suburbs of Bratislava, the captal of Slovakia. This castle is a ruin and located on the hill which is just above the junction of Danube and…

Miranda Friends

Relaxed in a Jazz bar in Kobe

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. Our friend Okazawa-san accompanied us in Kobe city. It is only half an hour by train from Osaka. Kobe is a city near the mountain and the...

the exciting bazaar in Kashgar

The bazaar in Kashgar, the town in the western part of Xinjiang in China is genuine. In Turpan a few days before, I had been disappointed at their bazaar, so this time...

Cathay Pacific Airways

Initially based in Shanghai, the two men eventually moved to Hong Kong and established the airline.

We planned to eat lightly

There is a retaurant that we stayed on until 4pm though their closing time was 3pm.The name of the restaurant is La Zi Ottavio (uncle Ottavio).We arrived in Monopoli after 2pm and worried...

The Hotel in Nice

I chose this hotel after looking at a website, recommending it, but it was not really a 4 star hotel.The ventilator in the bathroom was broken, the telephone did not have a cord,...

A Trendy Street in Milan

This is a view of Corso Como in Milan. A very trendy street with a fashionable shop and restaurant at No.10. I had a sophisticated lunch there with a friend of mine. It...

the market full of vitality in Lanzhou

Coming back from Xiahe in Gansu province in China, which was a completely another world, we stayed in a hotel called Yinbin Hotel in Lanzhou which cost 140 yuan ($1 = 8.28...

On the way

This is a rolly I saw on the way from Amritsar to Dharamsala.The rollies in India were very showy.Our tour continued our journey by four six seater 4D Toyotas.After a few hours,...