stayed in an Airbnb in Alghero

Stayed in an Airbnb in Alghero

We used Airbnb for the first time in Alghero in Sardinia in Italy. When we came to this town two years ago, we stayed in a lovely hotel, but we were staying...



Arrived in Alghero

The flight from Rome to Alghero in Sardinia was quite packed, but Alitalia had a rule to make the middle seats free, so we did not have to be too close to…


Fly to Italy during the pandemic

At the end of August this year, we were originally planning to go to Japan. But Japan has been virtually adopting a national isolation, so our flight was cancelled. Instead, we decided…


Salt Lake with Flamingos

During our holiday in Cyprus, we joined the tour which took us around the southern side of the island. The first destination was Larnaca Salt Lake. Here, we could see wild flamingos….


The beautiful town of Akashi

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. On the second day in Osaka, after breakfast, we met a Japanese friend who lives here. His name is Mr. Okazawa and he became our guide. We…


Manuel, the driver

The taxi driver who took us around Monsanto, Portugal was Manuel. He was quite elderly and a bit eccentric, wearing camouflage fatigues. He had a photo of the world disliked people in…

Miranda Friends

The small town of Kotohira

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. The first stop of my travel in Kagawa prefecture in Japan was Kotohira city. During day time this city is very busy because it is located on...

Ryokan with Sunset and Murakami Kibori Tsuishu

We stayed at the seaside Ryokan (a Japanese style hotel) called ‘Taikanso Senami no Yu’ in Murakami in the Niigata Prefecture in Japan. According to the information on the internet, the hot spring...

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered at Atatūrk Airport in Istanbul. According to company’’s official website, on 20th may 1933, the “State Airlines Administration” operating under the supervision of the...

Simple and Tasty Lunch

This photo is my lunch from the tour in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus. It is Souvlaki in pita bread with salad. Very simple and very tasty. My husband chose Stifado, which...

A tourist home in the village

In the small village called Monsaraz in Alentejo, Portugal, we stayed in a B&B on the main road whose name is Casa Dona Antonia. I was lucky to get a nice suite with a...


A friend of mine from Japan said that she read about the bar of Campari in the in-flight magazine on the way to Milan, so we decided to go there. It is situated...

Eat a sausage in Rynek Glowny

Before forgetting all, I would like to write about my travel in the past. First, Krakow in Poland I went in May 2009 with a friend of mine. I remember that because the...

Punting in Canterbury

The name of the river running through Canterbury in the south of England is the River Stour. It is a narrow river like a canal, and on the river they were offering...