Lunch on the outdoor terrace

Lunch on the outdoor terrace

It was almost lunch time on the day of sightseeing in the old town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. We went to a restaurant called Rahat Tepe, which was recommended by the proprietor of...



Sightseeing in the old town

The final day in Plovdiv, Bulgaria‘s second largest city, was devoted to sightseeing in the old town. First of all, it happened to be in front of the hotel, so we decided to…


Get lost in the trendy district

We returned to Plovdiv from Bachkovo Monastery, the second largest monastery in Bulgaria. We walked quite a bit from the bus station to the centre of town and was tired of waiting for…


To Kashgar

On the last day in Urumchi, the capital city in Xinjiang in China, we went back to the market and ate lamb meat buns and a huge soup with meatballs and dumplings….



During our holiday in Calabria in southern Italy, we ate seafood everyday and by the end, I missed meat. So, when we went back to Milan, we looked for a good meat…

Miranda Friends

Meditate in a Zen garden

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. During my stay in Kansai area I had the opportunity to visit the temple Ryoan-ji in Kyoto, which has one of the most important Zen gardens in...

the market full of vitality in Lanzhou

Coming back from Xiahe in Gansu province in China, which was a completely another world, we stayed in a hotel called Yinbin Hotel in Lanzhou which cost 140 yuan ($1 = 8.28...

Aeroflot airlines

Aeroflot – Russian airline, commonly known as Aeroflot, is the flag carrier of the Russian federation. The carrier operates domestic and international passenger services, mainly from its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport. According to them...

They are frogs

We went to a restaurant called Antica Trattoria Ferrari in Pavia, a town about 35 km south of Milan. A small waiter is working there with pride. I wanted to order something...

A Hotel with Goth Atmosphere

We stayed in Trinity Capital Hotel in Dublin. I chose this hotel only because it was located in the centre, easy to get to the gathering place for the tour we joined next...

after seeing the Etruscan Arch, lunch time

We walked from Piazza IV Novembre towards Etruscan Arch in Perugia in Umbria, Italy. Walking west from the Cathedral of San Lorenzo into Via Battisti, we came out to the point where...

Beer country

Poland is a beer country. It was memorable that when I ordered beer instead of wine at a restaurant, the waiter bobbed his head in approval with a big smile in Krakow in...

Blue road

Here in London, you mayhave noticed blue roads recently.I did not know until one of my Facebook friends told me, but this is a special road for cyclists.The purpose is to encourage...