The worst flu in 20 years

The worst flu in 20 years

We spent the end of the year in Italy. However, from the 23rd, I started to develop a fever, which is unusual for me. I couldn’t attend the planned Christmas party with our...


Ainu music concert in Ueno

After walking around Kameido in Tokyo, we moved to Ueno. We were going to listen to an Ainu music concert at Ueno Bunka Kaikan. At my friend’s suggestion, we took a bus from…


Shichi-Go-San, an event completely forgotten

In Kameido, Tokyo, there is a famous shrine called Kameido Tenjin. This shrine is said to be dedicated to Michizane Sugawara, and is said to be in high demand among students taking entrance…


Weekend in Lincoln

One weekend in late autumn in November, we went to an old town, Lincoln, in the middle of England. We took a crowded train from Kings Cross in London to Peterborough first,…

South Korea

A Big Room

This is a part of the room in Lotte Hotel in Seoul. It was a surprisingly big room. Is it because Korea is in a continent and has a plenty of land? Or…

Miranda Friends

‘Read’ a pasta dish

Talking with a Japanese friend of mine, Koji, who is a wine and food expert, I learned that there is an Italian dish called Napolitan in Japan, which I did not know that existed.


This is a pendant I bought from a man who had a stall in Basanaviciaus Street in Palanga in Lithuania. He made it himself using the local amber and African wood ....

Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand. It operates domestic, regional and intercontinental flights radiating from its home base in Bangkok to key destinations around the world...

Only a Starter, But a Lot

We went to our favourite seafood restaurant in Milan with our family, who had just arrived from Japan. This restaurant is famous for its mixed seafood starter, because they serve many kinds...

A Hotel with Goth Atmosphere

We stayed in Trinity Capital Hotel in Dublin. I chose this hotel only because it was located in the centre, easy to get to the gathering place for the tour we joined next...

Restaurant recommended by our guide

On the day we arrived in Taiwan, I asked our guide for a good Taiwanese restaurant. She recommended Shin Yeh, which apparently has a branch in Japan, too. I checked my guide book and...

A Lesson about Tapas

This photo was taken in Cordoba and it is a tapa of prawn, which was very good. But before that I asked for the set of tapas, which was not that great with...

chaos of the port

The last destination of our holiday in Colombia was Isla Grande, one of the Rosario Islands which is about 35 km south west of Cartagena. This archipelago is made up of 27...