Staying in Calvi on Corsica for a week

Staying in Calvi on Corsica for a week

Now in February 2021, the government of the UK, where we live, announced a plan to gradually release the lockdown, but it seems that it is still undecided when it will be possible...



The tram in Oporto and the Atlantic Ocean

Our holiday in Oporto, Portugal was very short, staying there only two nights. On the last day, we enjoyed walking around town until the time of the flight. In addition to walking, we…


Cross the Don Luis I Bridge in Oporto

After getting off the pleasure boat on the Douro River in Oporto, Portugal, we crossed the famous Dom Luis I Bridge to the opposite bank. This bridge was designed by an apprentice of…


Very modern Roman bridge

The Roman bridge in Cordoba was rebuilt many many times because of wars or disasters and I think it was rebuilt quite recently, too. The surface of the bridge was new and strong…


A long established shop from all appearance

After great lunch at Kashikojima, as soon as we got out of the restaurant, we found this pearl shop. The look of the shop is dignified. It says ‘Founded in Meiji 38’, which means…



In Toba, we visited Mikimoto Pearl Island. Four Ama (professional female divers) jumped into the freezing sea to show us how they traditionally worked. This was my second time to see this, so I…

Miranda Friends

The beautiful town of Akashi

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. On the second day in Osaka, after breakfast, we met a Japanese friend who lives here. His name is Mr. Okazawa and he became our guide. We...

Myth and accessory

On the second day of our trip in Basque country in Spain, we went to San Sebastian by bus. When we were walking towards the old town, I found a lovely...

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered at Atatūrk Airport in Istanbul. According to company’’s official website, on 20th may 1933, the “State Airlines Administration” operating under the supervision of the...

They say it is overpriced, but

The sea food restaurant called Zuvine in Basanaviciaus street in Palanga, Lithuania has a reputation that the foods are good but expensive.Both my guide book and the leaflet we got locally said...

5 star hotel with thermal spring

During the Turkish group tour, we did not stay in a specially good hotels, but Kervansaray Hotel in Bursa was 5 star. Around here is famous for its hot spring and the hotel...

Restaurant which used to be a palace

For the first dinner in Toledo, Spain, we went to a restaurant called La Abadia, which was recommended by the person in our hotel. We arrived there at around 7:45 pm. The...

Local beer everywhere

In the island of Mando, I thought there was nothing other than the nature, but I found something special, which is the local beer. Well, the beer itself was not that special, but...

Necessity of the funiclar trains

The railway station of Lugano is far up on the hill and you have to go all the way down to the town itself.They use the funicular trains for that.It is nice and...