To Zemun by Bus

To Zemun by Bus

On the next day, we joined a tour to Zemun, a historic part of Belgrade in Serbia. We joined many tours during our short holiday in Serbia, which was good in...


Novi Sad

Walk in Novi Sad

We arrived in Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia. Although it is the second biggest city, the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. Our guide, Sara, told us “When I…

Novi Sad

At Petrovaradin

Before reaching Novi Sad in Serbia, we visited Petrovaradin, an old area across the Danube River. This area has a longer history than Novi Sad and it has been a strategically…

Sremski Karlovci

The First Round Table Peace Meeting was Here

There is an important historic chapel in Sremski Karlovci in Serbia. This “Peace Chapel” is on a small hill outside of the centre of the town. This current building was built…


Graduation ceremony

We were invited to attend a university graduation in Milan, Italy.I was expecting a ceremony with many students in a big hall and the president ‘s speech, but it was totally…


Beads of Murano

Every time we go to Murano in Venice, we end up buying some glass products. Not only jewelleries, but one time we stretched our budget to buy a colourful vase. When I…


The Lighthouse at the West End

The next place we went to during the sight seeing tour in Capri in southern Italy was Punta Carena Lighthouse, which is located at the west end of the island. It was…

Miranda Friends


This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting. When we started our stay, they gave us our group itinerary, which included our free days to do whatever we wanted. But we were allowed to move around only...

Pendant of the Byzantine era

This is the pendant I bought in Lefkara village in Cyprus. This village is famous for its lace making, but their silverwork has got a long history, too. Once upon a time,...

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

According to company’s official web site, Virgin Atlantic Airways is a success story. Back In the early 80s Richard Branson was probably best known for Virgin Records Рthe legendary record label that signed major...

We arrived at night

We visited a small part of Tuscany with a couple of our friends this autumn. The first destination was Arezzo. When we finally arrived, it was already dark. This is the main...

Historical hotel

We stayed in the Seaside Hotel in Karatsu in Saga prefecture, Japan. This is the photo of the view from our room. The oldest member of our family who felt nostalgic about...

Fado, unexpectedly

In the evening when we came back from Monsanto village to Coimbra in Portugal, we went to a restaurant called A Conzinha da Maria. Does it mean ‘Maria’s kitchen’ perhaps? We just...

Special noodle called Houtou

We travelled Fuji/Hakone area in Japan.This is a photo of a noodle meal called Houtou.Its noodle is thicker and shorter than ordinary Udon noodle.There was a menu with bear meat, and of course...

Take the new Italo train

From Florence to Mian, we took the new high speed train called 'Italo'.This is run by the first Italian pivate railway company which is funded by the chairman of Ferrari and others.It...