Not bad English wine, etc.

Not bad English wine, etc.

The restaurant we booked in Margate, a seaside town in southeastern England, was named Buoy and Oyster. We were guided to a seat by the window indoors, from which we could see the...



It was not a successful trip to Margate

We knew that this Sunday would be a hot and sunny, so we wanted to go to somewhere seaside and chose Margate in southeastern England, which we had never been to before. We…


See the deer in Richmond Park

Richmond Park in a suburb of London, is said to be the largest royal park in London with 2500 acres. It is famous for having about 600 deer. I had been there by…


My miscellaneous thoughts about Edinburgh

I would like to write down what I noticed and what I was surprised at, during our one-month stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, which I could not cover so far. We stayed at an…


Reasonable and pleasant restaurant

In the evening in Valencia in Spain, we went to a restaurant called El Camerino Taberna which had a good reputation on the internet. We ordered the set menu of 6 kinds…


The restaurant chosen as the best

In Ankara, our tour did not have any particular places to visit and we had the free time. So, we started searching for a good restaurant, because by then we were tired of…

Miranda Friends

JR Rail Pass

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. This time the destination of my travel was Japan. I did not have the time to settle myself down in Tokyo in the house of my close...

The cheese market in Chiswick

A hobby class teacher told us that a cheese market would be held in the Chiswick district in western London, so we went there. The classroom is also in this Chiswick, but for...

Cathay Pacific Airways

Initially based in Shanghai, the two men eventually moved to Hong Kong and established the airline.

Coca tea for the first time in my life

We drank Coca tea for the first time in our life on the hill of Monserrate in Bogota. Coca, as you know is the leaf which could be processed to make cocaine. Monserrate is the...

Wajima Onsen

On the first day in Noto Peninsula in Japan, we stayed in the ryokan (Japanese style hotel) called Yshio, which was booked by my family. The room had western style beds, which...

arrived in Alghero

The flight from Rome to Alghero in Sardinia was quite packed, but Alitalia had a rule to make the middle seats free, so we did not have to be too close to...

Restaurant with pastel colours

In Parma, I went to a restaurant called Gatta Matta (meaning 'Crazy She-cat'), where I could not go in last time because it was full.This restaurant is not typical Italian restaurants which has...

Easygoing trolleybus

The capital city of Crimea is Simferopol where the airport is and from there to Yalta in south is more than 80 km. The transport which connects these two towns is...