We Did Not Know It Was Remembrance Day

We Did Not Know It Was Remembrance Day

I continue talking about sightseeing in Lincoln in the middle of England. We walked along the Walking Course from our guidebook in the morning, but now we were cold and tired. We...



Walking in Lincoln On Our Own

On our second day in Lincoln in the middle of England, we walked in the town according to the suggestions of our guidebook, which we had bought the day before from the…


Dinner in Lincoln

On the first evening in Lincoln, we went to a restaurant called Jew’s House. We had found this one on the internet and it looked good, so we had booked a table…


Weekend in Lincoln

One weekend in late autumn in November, we went to an old town, Lincoln, in the middle of England. We took a crowded train from Kings Cross in London to Peterborough first,…


Desolate church

When we were walking in the old town of Chartres in France, we came across a gorgeous looking church. It is very big and if we have not seen the cathedral, I…


Living in a ruin

This is a photo of #Theatre of #Marcellus in Rome.It was completed in 13 AD.The diameter was 111m and it could contain 11000 – 20000 people.In the 4th century, they stopped using…


Scottish beef

On the day we visited Edinburgh with our friends, we stayed in a hotel called Edinburgh Capital Hotel in the suburbs of the city. Although we ate a big lunch, we had…

Miranda Friends


This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting. When we started our stay, they gave us our group itinerary, which included our free days to do whatever we wanted. But we were allowed to move around only...

Try to make a silver accessory

We originally planned to go to Jogasaki from Izu Atagawa in Japan, but because we noticed a leaflet of the silver studio “A&M”, we changed our tickets for Izu Kogen, while the...

Air India

Air India is India’s national flag carrier. Although air transport was born in India on February 18, 1911 when Henri Piquet, flying a Humber bi-plane, carried mail from Allahabad to Naini Junction, some six miles...

Taste of coconut

We had our last dinner in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  in our tour leader’s favourite restaurant. It was a bit of a walk from Ipanema beach and I think it was called...

the outrageous hotel in Murano

We stayed in Sofitel in Murano, the island in Venice, which is run by Accor, the French mega hotel chain. The proper name of the hotel is Le Gare Hotel Venezia MGallery...

Listen to Fado

We listened to Fado for the first time. It was in a restaurant called Clube de Fado in Alfama area in Lisbon. I had thought that Fado was always heavy and sad, but...

Potato sausage

I continue talking about German foods.This one is 'potato sausage' I ate in a town called Herrstein.The very slim waitress, whom I cannot imagine she eats this kind of heavy foods, said 'It...

Mystery of the train

When we asked the hotel staff in Bilbao how to get to San Sebastian, he said “you can get there by bus in one hour, but by train it takes nearly...