About the restaurant this time

About the restaurant this time

This time, we made a reservation at a French restaurant called Birdies in Whitstable, the seaside town in southeast England. We were attracted to this restaurant facing Harbour Street, the town’s main street...



Fantastic sight along the sea

One Sunday in late January, we revisited Whitstable, a seaside town in southern England, taking the forecast at their word that the weather would be fine. However, the weather forecast was wrong, and…


Redeveloped area in pastel colour

The next day, we returned to the capital Lisbon from Oporto in northern Portugal. Our stay in Portugal for more than two weeks was towards the end. I said goodbye to the city…


A very luxurious chamber of commerce

From 4:00 pm that day, we visited the Bolsa Palace, one of the main tourist attractions in Oporto, Portugal. This is not a place that you can casually visit and see, but all…


It is Sale time!

It was early July when I went to Paris. It was the peak time for summer sale. It was even more exciting because the euro was low. I had some muscle ache for…


Pretty, pretty Cicmany

At last we arrived at Cicmany, the village I wanted to visit. It took about 1 and a half hours by bus from Zilina, a …


Andersen Museum

 Odense in Denmark is the town where Andersen was born and there is a good museum about him there. The first thing I noticed was that in the Japanese leaflet given there, there is…

Miranda Friends

Kabuki show

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. During my stay in the small town of Kotohira, in Japan, I had the opportunity to see a Kabuki show, thanks to my friend Shogo’s help. This...

a great time at the market in Urumchi

We went to Urumchi by bus from Turpan in China. Again the bus was a clunker and it took about 5 hours. On the way, I saw the scar from the flood...

Emirates airlines

Emirates is an airline based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to the company’s official website, On 25th October 1985, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two...

Visiting Yahiko Shrine, after eating manju

We ate Omokaru-manju, Japanese style bun, before going into Yahiko Shrine in Niigata, because my friend recommended this manju from Kameya shop.There were three tastes, soya sauce, brown sugar and sesame.I wanted to try...

Family run hotel

I visited Turin in Italy for the first time. The hotel we stayed was Hotel Principi D’Acaja, a three star hotel housed in an early 20th century villa. It is located in...

Revisited 2 restaurants in Monza

We used to live in Monza half of our time, a town north of Milan, Italy. Even after we stopped living there, we used to visit Monza a lot, so we are very...

Urchin salad

This is the photo of urchin salad.It was just sea urchins.I love sea urchin, so it was a feast for me.I ate this at a restaurant called Allou Gialou on the Kini...

The tram in Oporto and the Atlantic Ocean

Our holiday in Oporto, Portugal was very short, staying there only two nights. On the last day, we enjoyed walking around town until the time of the flight. In addition to walking, we...