fly to Italy during the pandemic

Fly to Italy during the pandemic

At the end of August this year, we were originally planning to go to Japan. But Japan has been virtually adopting a national isolation, so our flight was cancelled. Instead, we decided...



A relaxing day in Looe

In the morning of the third day in Looe, the seaside town in Cornwall in south western England, I had ordered pancake for breakfast and got astonished to find that it…


Cruise in Russia

The biggest country in the world, featuring for the first time on this blog, is Russia. Actually both my husband and I have been there during the time of the Soviet Union,…

Rhodes Town

Attractive old town of Rhodes

Because we arrived in Rhodes in Greece at night, we could not see the view of the town on the first day, but next morning, when I looked out of the window,…


Beach where cars run

We went to Japan and had a short family holiday for the Easter holiday this year. This time we went to Noto Peninsula for the first time. The journey was easy as…

Miranda Friends

Relaxed in a Jazz bar in Kobe

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. Our friend Okazawa-san accompanied us in Kobe city. It is only half an hour by train from Osaka. Kobe is a city near the mountain and the...

Knives and Baskets

When we were walking in Castelsardo, a town in the north of Sardinia in Italy, we noticed that there were many shops selling knives with sharp blades and colourful handles. The...

All Nippon Airways

According to company’s official website, in December 1952, Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co., Ltd was established with the goal of restoring regular air transportation services disrupted by WW II. The company started a helicopter...

Georgia is the Birthplace of Wine

I continue talking about our sightseeing tour in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. We walked down from the hill where the Nariqala Fortress is situated towards the area of the...

Another hotel in Granada

This is a photo of another hotel in Granada, called Santa Isabel la Real. It is in the Albaicin area, which is, according to my guide book, rather dangerous with many pick pockets...

strictly local foods

In the weekend in June when the temperature went up to 35 degrees, we had an excursion from Milan to Monte Isola, an island on Lake Iseo in Italy. It took...

Newly Listed as a World Heritage

A friend of mine came over from Japan, so we went to Piedmont in Italy. She has got the second grade of UNESCO’s World Heritage certificate and she told us that this...

Rickshaw ride for the first time

One of my family members said “I would like to ride on the Rickshaw once”, so we went to Asakusa in Tokyo. Unfortunately it was a rainy day. “They may not do...