At the Holiday Village in Sherwood Forest

At the Holiday Village in Sherwood Forest

We went to a huge holiday village called ‘Center Parcs’ in the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire in the middle of England this summer with children from our family. Most of the people...



Waiters in Tbilisi Forget the Orders

On the evening after we arrived back to the capital, Tbilisi, from our journey in Georgia, we looked for a restaurant called Orshimo, which had a good reputation online. The table…


A Dam and a Natural Reserve

After we thoroughly enjoyed the Svaneti region in Georgia, we drove down from the mountains for hours the next day. Before reaching flat ground, we visited a dam that is 172.5…


We found another gem

In Lombardy in northern Italy, there is an area called Franciacorta, which is famous for wine, especially sparkling wine. we went to a restaurant here In the small town of Monticelli Brusati,…


A historic pub

We went to an old pub in London with our friends. The name is “Dove” and it is situated on River Thames. Apparently this pub has been there since 17th century and…


Enjoy swimming at Blue Caves

I continue talking about the tour in Zakynthos Island in Greece. Because the water at the Xygia beach was too cold to swim, we went on driving and stopped at Skinari…

Miranda Friends

Mount Konpira

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. Before leaving the town of Kotohira, our aim was climbing up the mount Konpira and visiting the temple located on the peak. The path was quite difficult...

Air China

According to company‚Äôs official web site, Air China Limited (“Air China”) and its predecessor, the former Air China, were founded in 1988. According to the “Civil Aviation System Reform Program” which was approved and passed...


After crossing Vizcaya Bridge in Getxo in Spain, we walked on and on to find the restaurant which the leaflet we got from the hotel recommended.It was just next to the...

The Lift Incident

This is a photo of our hotel room where we stayed in Venice. The name of our hotel was Relais Piazza San Marco. The location was excellent and the interior was nice....

Sushi, cruise and coloured carp in Niigata

On the last day of our short trip to Sado and Niigata, Japan, we went out to have a sushi lunch. The restaurant we chose was called ‘Sekai Zushi’ and was taking...

A restaurant with only men

In St Moritz in Switzerland, we went to a restaurant called Piz, which was recommended by a staff in our hotel. It was nicely decorated with the fairly tale image of Switzerland, but...

Slow journey by locomotive train and carriage

From the station called Radebeul Ost in the suburbs of Dresden, you can take a narrow gauge steam locomotive railway.It started operating in 1884 and now the locomotive engine made in 1950s...