Enjoyed the Scottish speciality

Enjoyed the Scottish speciality

Haggis is probably the most famous Scottish food. When I said to my sister in Japan, “I’m going to eat haggis,” she said  “what’s that?” and searched on the internet. And she said,...



A village called Folkland, etc.

The final destination of our tour of the Fife region of Scotland was an inland village named Falkland. This is where the royal villa, Falkland Palace, is located. Our guidebook states that Mary…


In sunny St. Andrews

  The main destination of our tour in Fife, Scotland was St Andrews. We arrived here around the lunch time. Fish and chips was a hot topic on our tour bus, so I was…


From Anstruther to St. Andrews

In our tour to the Fife region of Scotland, the first destination was the seaside town of Anstruther. This town was a resort town that used to be a fishing village, and now…


Into Pakistan

In the morning in Tashkurgan, a village near the border in China after staying one night, our bus disappeared with our luggage at 9 am which was supposed to be the departure…


Town of Scilla

We went all the way from Roccella Jonica in southern Italy, by train, to a town called Scilla. The railway station was near the beach and from there we could see…


A long established shop from all appearance

After great lunch at Kashikojima, as soon as we got out of the restaurant, we found this pearl shop. The look of the shop is dignified. It says ‘Founded in Meiji 38’, which means…

Miranda Friends

Relaxed in a Jazz bar in Kobe

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. Our friend Okazawa-san accompanied us in Kobe city. It is only half an hour by train from Osaka. Kobe is a city near the mountain and the...

Pendant of the Byzantine Era

This is the pendant I bought in Lefkara village in Cyprus. This village is famous for its lace making, but their silverwork has got a long history, too. Once upon a time,...

Eastern China Airlines

According to company’s official website, China Eastern Air Holding Company, headquartered in Shanghai, is one of the three largest major air transport companies in China. The company (formerly China Eastern Airlines established in 1988), was...

A fishing village

This is a fishing village called Portmagee in Ireland.During the bus tour, the guide emphasised that they serve the best seafood in the country, so my expectation had swollen.But, the restaurant he recommended...

a room with the view

In Niigata City in Japan, we stayed in Hotel Nikko Niigata. It is in Toki Messe where we could walk from the Niigata Port after arriving from Sado Island. While we were...

Eat, Drink and Sleep in Tokyo

A friend of ours took us around Tokyo to eat and drink on a very sunny day in May. First, we went to the relatively new building, which contains shops, restaurants,...

How would you spell whisky?

Because we cannot take liquid on board, I had to buy Irish whisky at the airport.These are them.I noticed that in Ireland they use the spelling of 'whiskey' with e in it.I had...

Water Taxi

From the central station in Milan, in Italy, we took a fast train called Frecciabianca to Venice. The last time I went there was three years ago, but it was the first...