Learn about Cuba while excursing to Cienfuegos

On the third day in Trinidad, Cuba, we went down to the hotel lobby at 9 am and boarded the Miguel’s taxi arranged by travel agent, Carlos. Miguel was an English-speaking driver and…


From Trinidad to Playa Ancon

On the morning of the second day in Trinidad, Cuba, it was arranged to meet a person from a travel agency. As promised, we met a man named Carlos at the hotel at…


Very colourful

We took another ‘lift’ this time to go up to the Concepcion Hill in Valparaiso in Chile. Here I found a colourful light-hearted atmosphere which I had read in the guide book….


Coca tea for the first time in my life

We drank Coca tea for the first time in our life on the hill of Monserrate in Bogota. Coca, as you know is the leaf which could be processed to make cocaine. Monserrate is the…


Water Taxi

From the central station in Milan, in Italy, we took a fast train called Frecciabianca to Venice. The last time I went there was three years ago, but it was the first…

Miranda Friends

The beautiful town of Akashi

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. On the second day in Osaka, after breakfast, we met a Japanese friend who lives here. His name is Mr. Okazawa and he became our guide. We...

Eye of Naxos

This is a photo of ” Eye of Naxos “. The tour guide had a pendant and earrings and they were on my mind during the tour. They were sold a...

Cathay Pacific Airways

Initially based in Shanghai, the two men eventually moved to Hong Kong and established the airline.

Have a rest with Spritz

I learned the taste of Spritz, a typical cocktail in Venice, and every time when we got back to the hotel, we stopped at the bar downstairs and had a relaxing time with this...

The Lakeside Hotel and Katakuri (Asian fawnlily)

We stayed in a Ryokan, a Japanese style hotel, called “Katakuri no Hana (Asian fawnlily flowers) on the lakeside of Lake Tazawa in Akita prefecture, Japan. The exterior was not special, but...

The Cake in Sintra

On the second day in Lisbon in Portugal, we had a private tour to Sintra, which we had booked before coming to the country. Sintra is about 30km northwest of Lisbon and...

voyage on Delta

We went through the waterways on the Delta where the Parana River merges with La Plata River in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in Argentina on the sight seeing boat for about...