Quebec City

Ice Wine and Quebecoise cuisine

The next place we went during our food tour on Ile d’Orlean, the island in the suburbs of Quebec City in Canada was a winery. We had leaned that Canada produces…

Quebec City

On Ile d’Orleans

The tour to Ile d’Olreans, an island in the suburbs of Quebec City in Canada was focused on foods. Our guide, Peter lives here, too. The island is 35 km long…

Quebec City

The tour to Ile d’Orleans

Because the tour to Il d’Orleans in the suburbs of Quebec City in Canada did not start until afternoon, we went out to see the Citadel in the city in the…


Transport in Portugal

To get to the pretty village Monsaraz in Alentejo, Portugal, you have to change bus at a town called Reguengos de Monsaraz.The local people pronounce the name of this town as if they…


The local restaurant with good atmosphere

This is a picture of the restaurant I went in Mertola in Portugal.I had been eating a lot of chunks of meat in this holiday, but here there was a soup with beans…


To Saxon Switzerland

The reason we decided to go to Saxony in Germany was that I saw a photo of some very nice scenery in¬†Saxon Switzerland, an area along the Elbe between Dresden and the…

Miranda Friends

Visiting an exhibition of Ukiyo-e

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. A lot of people in Italy know the artist Katsushika Hokusai and his works, for example “the wave” or “36 views of mount Fuji”. They are on...

Sandals of Sparta

This is a photo of the sandals I bought in Mykonos. Apparently the Spartan people were wearing them in the 8th century BC. I bought these from a man who designed them...

Swiss International Airlines

According to official we site, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) serves 69 destinations (winter schedule 2012/13) in 37 countries all over the world from its Zurich hub and the further Swiss international airports of Basel...

The Beef and Sake in Murakami

We visited Murakami City in the Niigata prefecture with our friends who live in Niigata city. On the day, it was raining hard in Kanto, where we started, and we wanted to take...

To Riga

We had a short holiday in Riga in Latvia, one of the three Baltic countries. This was one of the places I always wanted to go, but there was a reason why ...

a big lump of meat

We ate this big lump of meat in Brno in Czech Republic. This is a dish of Knuckle of Pork and I had thought it was German, but apparently they eat...

The hearty eater

This is a restaurant called Victory in Monza, north Italy.The dish is the grilled vegetable, which is nice and simple and I order almost every time when I eat seafood as the main...

Going Up the East Hill by the ‘Lift’

After a satisfactory lunch in Hastings in the south of England, we went up the East Hill by East Hill Lift. The station was just next to the restaurant. The lift...