The tough village walking in La Balagne

The tough village walking in La Balagne

The next day, we had another walking tour and this time was the village walking of the Balagne region on Corsica, France. From Calvi, where we were staying, we took a two-car train...



The first walk from Calvi on Corsica, France

This is a story when I went to Corsica, France, on a walking tour organized by a British company. The day after we settled down in Calvi, a town in the northwestern part…


Staying in Calvi on Corsica for a week

Now in February 2021, the government of the UK, where we live, announced a plan to gradually release the lockdown, but it seems that it is still undecided when it will be possible…

Colonia del Sacramento

Walking in Colonia

To get straight to the point, the walking tour we had in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay was disappointing. The voice of the guide was too quiet and it only lasted half…


A town I want to visit again

When we went around the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland in the bus tour, the weather was the best and I got satisfied very much, but only thing I was disappointed was that we…


Meissen Porcelain Museum

We went to the famous Meissen Porcelain Museum just to have a topic of conversation. Meissen Porcelain is the manufacturer who first succeeded in making porcelain in Europe and was protected by…

Miranda Friends

People in Osaka

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting I don’t have enough experience to evaluate the different characters of Japanese people depending on where they are from, but soon after I went out of the...

Myth and accessory

On the second day of our trip in Basque country in Spain, we went to San Sebastian by bus. When we were walking towards the old town, I found a lovely...

Qantas Airlines

Founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, Qantas has grown to be Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Registered originally as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS), Qantas is widely regarded as...

Sweet Salami

When we went to Mantova in Italy, we looked for a restaurant called Trattoria Due Cavallini which was in a restaurant guidebook. This was one of those old Italian restaurants with a long...

Small version of a castle

Our Romanian holiday was organised by our local friends there, from the itinerary to the selection of hotels and restaurants.They planned everything according to our wish, which is that we wanted to...

Amsterdam after six years

We visited Amsterdam in the Netherlands for the first time in six years. As everyone knows, Dutch people are so big, which I realised strongly last time, and this time, too, at...

Portuguese people like cakes

The timing was not very good for eating when we arrived in Coimbra in Portugal.The hotel receptionist told us “No, nothing is open at this time, excepet that one”.So we went in...

Talk with seasoned Gondolier

This time in Venice, I took a gondola as soon as possible before rain started.I enjoy a gondola ride every time I come to the city.It is very nice and romantic to see the...