the walking tour in Alghero : the cathedral

The walking tour in Alghero : the cathedral

This is the final part of  our walking tour in Alghero, the town on the north western Sardinia in Italy. The only place we went in to a building during the tour...



Libyan men and oil price

After the tour to the south of Tunisia, we came back to Tunis. Our hotel was El Hana which was conveniently located in the city centre. In front of the lifts in…


Striking colours in Burano

After leaving our luggage in our hotel in Murano, the island famous for its glassware, we went out to Burano island. One of the themes of our holiday in Venice this time was…


The accommodation in Cicmany

On the day when we went to the pretty village, Cicmany in Slovakia, we stayed in Penzione Jaborina. We wasted one night in the hotel of Bratislava, but…

Miranda Friends

Osaka castle

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. One of the most important touristic attraction in the city of Osaka is its castle. It was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the three people who...

Handicrafts in Scanno

Scanno, the town in Abruzzo in the middle of Italy, is small but they have high quality handicrafts. It is especially famous for the pendant called Presentosa. We also saw some of them...

Eastern China Airlines

According to company’s official website, China Eastern Air Holding Company, headquartered in Shanghai, is one of the three largest major air transport companies in China. The company (formerly China Eastern Airlines established in 1988), was...

Went to Yobuko to eat squid

We went to Yobuko in Saga prefecture in Japan with my family to eat squid. We crossed a long corridor from the shore to the restaurant called “Manbou”. They ushered us to...

a short visit to Aomori prefecture

On the second day of our family trip to the northern Japan, we went into Aomori prefecture from Iwate prefecture. Well, it was a short stay, though. We had a look at...

We arrived at night

We visited a small part of Tuscany with a couple of our friends this autumn. The first destination was Arezzo. When we finally arrived, it was already dark. This is the main...

from Dunhuang to Uighur world through Hami

At the beginning of the third week of our grand across China travel, we headed west for Hami from Dunhuang by bus. The bus was as battered as the one to Xiahe....