fly to Italy during the pandemic

Fly to Italy during the pandemic

At the end of August this year, we were originally planning to go to Japan. But Japan has been virtually adopting a national isolation, so our flight was cancelled. Instead, we decided...



A relaxing day in Looe

In the morning of the third day in Looe, the seaside town in Cornwall in south western England, I had ordered pancake for breakfast and got astonished to find that it…


Poor Margaret

The boat trip on Danube included one hour tour of Margaret Island, an island middle of Danube. Here nobody lives, but with a big park and hotels, people enjoy having a rest. The…


About Canterbury Cathedral and Some Other Things

I continue talking about our walking tour in Canterbury in the south of England. We went into the site of Canterbury Cathedral through Christ Church Gate. First, about this gate. This is a…


From the big wheel

When we were in Gdansk, Poland, this year, we found a big wheel in the centre of the town. It was not there last autumn, so this must have been another attraction…

Miranda Friends

In Moscow 1980

This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting. When we landed at the Moscow airport in April 1980, at the passport control we we found the officials wearing uniforms, with no smiles or no expressions. They looked...

Cathay Pacific Airways

Initially based in Shanghai, the two men eventually moved to Hong Kong and established the airline.

Squid with squid ink

This is a squid dish with squid ink I ate in Venice. The white thing next to it is polenta, which was whiter than usual. It was rich taste and very good. The...

To Tenerife

We spent our holiday over Christmas and New Year in Tenerife, one of the Canary islands in Spain. Tenerife is a popular destination for British, German and northern European people seeking the...

Waited more than one hour

We went to a restaurant called “Nishiki” in Izu Atagawa, which was listed in my friend’s guide book. The book said ” Be careful, there is another restaurant with the similar name”....

Enjoyed the fresh seafood

In the seaside town of Otranto in southern Italy, we enjoyed fresh seafood. In the first evening, we went to a restaurant called L’altro Baffo, which was recommended not only the hotel...

Excursion to Uruguay

We went on an excursion to Uruguay from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I had never thought of going to another country, but we learned that it is easy to get there by...