Ballet Lesson at Theatre of Operetta

Ballet Lesson at Theatre of Operetta

On the second day of our holiday in Kiev in Ukraine, we visited Kiev National Academic Theatre of Operetta. This theatre was founded in 1934 and it hosts performances such as “Die...



Ballet at the National Opera Theatre

We arrived at the National Opera Theatre in Kiev in Ukraine, which was the destination of our walking tour on the day. This theatre was completed in 1901. Before that there was…


Japanese Green tea

Standard Method for making Japanese Green tea. Put tea leaves in the teapot. Pour hot water into the teapot over tea leaves. Soak a while, then pour th tea out into teacups. Please don’t leave…


Eccentric Mr. Horodecki

I continue talking about the walking sightseeing tour in Kiev in Ukraine. Our guide, Miloslava, pointed out the unusual building next to the presidential residence. There were many strange animals on top…



This is a shop in Budapest, where I bought a traditional shirts and a skirt. Mine is not as gorgeous as the ones the dolls wear. In Hungary the embroidery is amazing.


Nothing but potatoes

On the day we had a excursion to Kawagoe in Japan, we only ate potatoes there. Kawagoe is famous for its potatoes. First, we tried baked sweet potato cut in triangle like…


See the tango

We went to see the Piazzolla Tango Show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The theatre was not very big, but had a very nice art deco style. It was possible to have a…

Miranda Friends

Sakè in Japan

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. In Italy the word sakè indicates a particular alcoholic drink typical from Japan, but the reality is not exatcly like that. In fact, in Japan the word...

Eye of Naxos

This is a photo of ” Eye of Naxos “. The tour guide had a pendant and earrings and they were on my mind during the tour. They were sold a...


Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A., commonly known as Iberia, is the flag carrier airline of Spain. Based in Madrid, it operates an international network of services from its main bases of Madrid-Barajas Airport and...

Jewish cooking

I had a Jewish meal for the first time in Krakow, Poland.The restaurant was called Klezmer Hois and I remember it looked like someones house, rather than a public restaurant.I ate stuffed goose...

How Expensive!

Northern Europe is known being expensive. It is really so. For the dinner, we chose a restaurant from my guide book to enjoy seafood. The foods were good, but not that good to be...

Wine at our apartment

We came back to Zadar after spending whole day in a tour.As we were tired, we gave up going to a restaurant and instead, decided to have a light supper at...

metro in Moscow

On the first day in Moscow in Russia, we joined the optional tour called “Moscow at Night” which started at 9 pm. Basically, this was the tour visiting Moscow metro stations. The guide...