A majestic square and what we ate there

A majestic square and what we ate there

The landmark of Salamanca, a university town in western Spain, is the central square, Plaza Mayor. According to our guidebook, it is ‘the most beautiful central square in Spain’. We also decided to...


Delicious food that looks bad for you

I continue talking about our journey in Spain during the year-end and New Year holidays. The next day, we left Extremadura and went to Salamanca by bus. Salamanca is a university town described…


Our priority was lunch

We only stayed one night in Zafra, a town in the western part of Spain, and returned to Caceres in the afternoon of this day. We had a reservation for the 3:35pm bus,…


Alcázar is now a hotel

Next in Zafra, a town in western Spain, we went to Alcázar. Alcázar means a castle or a fort, and our guidebook describes it as a “castle”, but it seems more appropriate to…


To Djerba island

The last destination of our Tuinisian tour was Djerba island. The normal itinerary was flying back to Tunis without staying here, but we thought we should stay as we came all the…


To Mantua

On a day in the middle of December, when the weather was fine but bitterly cold, we visited Mantua from Milan in Italy. Mantua is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site,…


Shops in Rome

In the old part of #Rome, there are small #shops here and there.They are discreet and you do not often see there is a shop, until you are in front of it.They…

Miranda Friends

In Moscow 1980

This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting. When we landed at the Moscow airport in April 1980, at the passport control we we found the officials wearing uniforms, with no smiles or no expressions. They looked...

two hours’ free time in Uglich

Our tour in Uglich in Russia finished in the Kremlin and we had some free time. On the spot where our group dissolved, there were photo service huts that let you wear...

All Nippon Airways

According to company’s official website, in December 1952, Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co., Ltd was established with the goal of restoring regular air transportation services disrupted by WW II. The company started a helicopter...

Warming up with sake tasting

One of the main special products in Niigata is Japanese Sake without any doubt.We visited Takarajima sake brewery without booking.This small brewery was founded in 1885 and seemed to be one of those which...

Bath and foods

We stayed in a Japanese style hotel called ” Hiina ” which my friend booked. When I choose a hot spring hotel in Japan, the first condition is if there is a...

The Restaurant Recommended by a Gondolier

We had our last meal in Venice in a restaurant recommended by the gondolier whose gondola we travelled in on the first day. The name of the restaurant was Torattoria Antico Calice....

White radish

I did not know but German people often eat white radish.When I had the local dish in Oberstein, a small potion of radish cut into thins trips was added next to the main...

An overnight trip during the holiday

During our trip to Extremadura, Spain, we were staying in Caceres, but we wanted to go to Zafra, too, which is a little further south. Looking at the map, it wasn’t that far...
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