El Tubo in Zaragoza

El Tubo in Zaragoza

After a rest in our hotel in Zaragoza in Spain, we went out to see the town. Our destination was the area called El Tubo. It is a famous place that there...



To Zaragoza in Spain

We got up early again and this time headed for Zaragoza in Spain. First we flew to Madrid. Because of the fog in Heathrow airport in London, our flight delayed by more…

Emilia Romagna

Ride on the San Luca Express in Bologna

In Bologna in Italy where we went to eat delicious Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, when we came into the main square, Piazza Maggiore, we noticed the Trenino (tourist bus in the shape of…

Emilia Romagna

Eating and sightseeing in Bologna

Because we wanted to eat the authentic Bolonese, we went to Bologna from Milan in Italy. We have not been there for some time. The restaurant we headed for was Trattoria della…


About two hours in Svendborg

¬†From Aero Island in Denmark, we took the ferry and arrived in Svedborg. To catch the train to continue our journey, we would have had to run with our luggage. So we gave up…


A Wonderful View of San Gimignano

San Gimignano is famous for its towers. I went up one of them and looked down the town, which was wonderful. This town appeared in the film ‘Tea with Mussolini’.


At night in Trani

I was surprised by so many people gathering around in the town of Trani in Puglia in south Italy, when I arrived there.It seemed that some festival was going on.So I asked about…

Miranda Friends

Stay in a Ryokan

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. In the touristic town of Kotohira, in Kagawa prefecture, I stayed one night in a tipical Japanese hotel (Ryokan), called Tsuruya. My Japanese friend Shogo, who accompanied...

Gorgeous pendant

On the day we walked along the walking course in Toledo in my guide book, we went to Taller del Moro, but found that it was closed. So instead, we went into...


Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A. (Italian Air Company), operating as Alitalia, is the flag carrier and national airline of Italy, which took over the name, the landing rights, many planes and some other assets from the...

Delicious Chicken Tabaka

On the fourth day of our summer holiday in Georgia, we stayed for one night in Kutaisi, the third largest city in this country. From Gori to Kutaisi, it took about...

An appealing hotel

In Chester in England, we stayed two nights in a hotel called Brookside Hotel. When we booked the tour, we told them my preference of three star hotel, and they chose...

Writers gather here

Friends of mine, living in Paris took us to this pub in a back street. In the past, Japanese author Fumiko Hayashi, a painter Tsuguji Fujita and etc, got together here. The name...


We wanted to have a nice lunch as our last meal in Helsinki on Sunday, and looked for two restaurants listed in the guide book, but both of them were closed. So,...

voyage on Delta

We went through the waterways on the Delta where the Parana River merges with La Plata River in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in Argentina on the sight seeing boat for about...