the huge church in Zaragoza

The huge church in Zaragoza

When you look for a picture of Zaragoza in Spain, you will find the one with a big church on a river. The name of the river is Ebro and the church...



Goya Museum and the second Tapas in Zaragoza.

┬áThe second place we visited in Zaragoza in Spain was Goya Museum. Francesco Goya, the great Spanish painter was born near Zaragoza. So he is special for people in Zaragoza and there is…


Gorgeous Aljaferia Palace in Zaragoza

Our guidebook says “If you have to give one reason to go all the way to Zaragoza in Spain, it will be Aljaferia Palace”. So we decided to go there first. Aljaferia…


El Tubo in Zaragoza

After a rest in our hotel in Zaragoza in Spain, we went out to see the town. Our destination was the area called El Tubo. It is a famous place that there…


To Tempio Pausania

According to a shop owner in Arzachena, the mayor of this town gave a command that the town centre of Tempio Pausania should keep their original face.So some of the houses already repainted…


Fancy Dress

We got off the gondola in Venice and walked for a bit, then I found this shop which offers the service of renting out their costumes and taking photos of you. I…

Czech Republic

A lot of locks

This is a photo of a bridge over a canal just off Vltava River in Prague. I have not seen this kind of bridge with a lot of locks for a while….

Miranda Friends

Kabuki show

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. During my stay in the small town of Kotohira, in Japan, I had the opportunity to see a Kabuki show, thanks to my friend Shogo’s help. This...

Gorgeous pendant

On the day we walked along the walking course in Toledo in my guide book, we went to Taller del Moro, but found that it was closed. So instead, we went into...

American Airlines

On the morning of April 15, 1926, a young aviator named Charles A. Lindbergh stowed a bag of mail in his little DH-4 biplane and took off from Chicago for St. Louis. Later that day,...

Jewish cooking

I had a Jewish meal for the first time in Krakow, Poland.The restaurant was called Klezmer Hois and I remember it looked like someones house, rather than a public restaurant.I ate stuffed goose...

Another hotel in Granada

This is a photo of another hotel in Granada, called Santa Isabel la Real. It is in the Albaicin area, which is, according to my guide book, rather dangerous with many pick pockets...

A restaurant we often go

This time when we visited Milan, I looked at my guidebook thoroughly and got surprised to see the restaurant we often go for lunch was listed there. The name is Ex Mauri and situated...

Restaurant which used to be a stable

On the second day in #Martina #Franca in south Italy, we went to a restaurant for dinner which we had had a good feeling when we passed there in the afternoon.The name...

To Oslo

We went to Oslo in Norway for the first time during the Spring Bank Holiday towards the end of May. Oslo was one of the remaining capital cities we had never...