Visiting St. Giles Cathedral

Visiting St. Giles Cathedral

On the day of our Workation in Edinburgh, we took a long lunch break and went to see St Giles’ Cathedral in the old town. Although our guidebook says the cathedral is open...



Take a tour in Ediburgh’s graveyard

The next day of our stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, we took a graveyard tour at night. The name of the tour company which runs this walking tour was “City of the Dead”, and…


Climbed up the Calton Hill

Our stay in Edinburgh is a ‘workation’ to enjoy holidays while working from home, so on the third day, during the day we worked hard, and after work we went up to Calton…


Huge antique market

My new friend took me to a huge antique market in Kempton Park, just outside of London. I did not know this market, but apparently, it is very famous. It is held…


A fine hotel

We stayed at Central Park Hotel in Sighisoara in Romania, which is located just outside of the wall. It is a very nice hotel. According to the leaflet in the room, this…


Lunch in Zemun ( Belgrade )

At the end of our tour in Zemun, the historic part in Belgrade in Serbia, we went up a hill called Gardos, which used to be a fortress. The fortress was said to have been…

Miranda Friends

JR Rail Pass

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting. This time the destination of my travel was Japan. I did not have the time to settle myself down in Tokyo in the house of my close...

happy Mandrogi

The first port of call during our cruise in Russia was Mandrogi, a village on Svir River. This is a new village which was recognised as a village in 1999 and the...

Vietnam Airlines

According to company’s official website, the history of Vietnam Airlines dates back to January 1956 when the Vietnam Civil Aviation Department was established by the Government, marking the birth of the civil aviation industry in...

Wonderful Lunch at Manarola

I was going to go to the another town in Cinque Terre before lunch, but because the train was limited, I had to spend more time in Manarola.But that was absolute fortunate! I...

Historical hotel

We stayed in the Seaside Hotel in Karatsu in Saga prefecture, Japan. This is the photo of the view from our room. The oldest member of our family who felt nostalgic about...

The restaurant with a Japanese sign

We had our last diner in Venice in this restaurant with a Japanese sign, saying ‘Open’. This was recommended by my Gondolier, Mario. Some Japanese tourists may hesitate to enter because of this...


On the way back from Valparaiso to Santiago in Chile, we stopped at a vineyard. This area is called Casablanca Valley and it is the famous wine region in the country. I...

used the underground train to go shopping

It was Sunday on the third day of our stay in Buenos Aires in Argentina. For me, it was the shopping day I was looking forward to. Although many of the ordinary...