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Summer holiday in Canada

[ Jun.2019 ] We spent our summer holiday in Canada this year. My husband had always wanted to visit this country, because his favourite comic which he had read when he was a child was…


Whale in Oslo

[ May 2019 ] We stayed only two nights in Oslo, Norway, but we did quite a lot of things and felt satisfied, but there was one thing we have not done yet. That was…


Looking at paintings of Munch in Oslo

[ May 2019 ] I do not know many famous people from Norway, but I know Munch, the painter. The National Gallery where there are paintings of Munch was unfortunately closed for renovation work to…


Visiting the Resistance Museum in Oslo

[ May 2019 ] Coming out of Akershus Castle in Oslo in Norway, we noticed the Resistance Museum on the left hand side. With the Oslo Pass, it is free to get in, so we…


Visiting Akershus Castle in Oslo

[ May 2019 ] There is a royal palace and a castle in Oslo, Norway. Currently the royal family lives in the royal palace and that is located at the end of the main street….


Taking a boat in Oslo

[ May, 2019 ] Coming back from the walking tour on the river where they redeveloped well to the port area in Oslo, Norway, we found that this area has been redeveloped as well and…