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Bandar-e Anzali

Drinking tea, headed northwest from Tehran

[ May 1999 ] Next day, we left Tehran, the capital city of Iran and headed northwest. It was a day for driving. Soon after we left the city, the the landscape became a sort…


To Tehran

[ May 1999 ] Before boarding Iran Air, I had the last glass of wine at Heathrow Airport in London. Alcohol was prohibited in Iran. And women had to wear scarf and loose-fitting coat even…


Chaotic Rawalpindi

[ Sept.1996 ] Our long travelling from China to Pakistan for more than 40 days was coming down to the final stage. On the last day in Gilgit, the town in the northern Pakistan, we…


Iran, Tehran

These are my photos of Tehran taken in 1999.


Sightseeing around Gilgit

[ Sept.1996 ] On the second day in Gilgit, the town in the northern Pakistan, we had some pancakes for breakfast and had a chat with the manager of this hotel, North Inn. He was…


Gilgit, the town with men only

[ Sept.1996 ] We left Karimabad, the utopia in the northern Pakistan chartering a jeep again with the British man with whom we were together when we had crossed the border and went further down…