About the pub and Gyoza in Carmona

About the pub and Gyoza in Carmona

It was in Carmona, a small town in the Andalusia region of Spain. We arrived here at around 4 pm, and we were pretty hungry. When my husband searched online, there was a...



To Andalusia in search of the bright sun

As autumn deepened, we left London, where there are many dark days, and went to the Andalusia region of Spain in search of a bright sun. Of course, there are still Covid restrictions,…


Sage Dance Company

I learned about the Sage Dance Company in London earlier this year. It is unique among many dance companies. What is it that it is so unique? The age. You must be at…


The skillful young chef, Toshiro

In Vercelli, a town in Piedmont, Italy, we had lunch at a restaurant called Ristorante Le Risaie. As usual, my husband found the restaurant on the internet, and the name of the chef…


This is an Aran Sweater

Sweaters from Aran Islands in Ireland are famous all over the world. I went to the largest island in Aran a few years ago. It was a bleak place. I heard that each…


Ate too much

We went to a restaurant called Taverna Toscana in Sansepolcro in Italy, which was recommended by the hotel manager. This is a butcher as well and they say that if you want…

Miranda Friends


This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting. There were some small things that impressed me in Moscow, because things were different from the west: One of these was that the newspapers were basically free and a...

Aeroflot airlines

Aeroflot – Russian airline, commonly known as Aeroflot, is the flag carrier of the Russian federation. The carrier operates domestic and international passenger services, mainly from its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport. According to them...

Lovely B&B

During our family holiday in south Italy, we went to a pretty seaside town of Otranto.We stayed in a B&B called Palazzo De Mori.Actually I stayed here three and a half years...

The Pub Which Loves The Royal Family

Our friends who took us to the antique market in London in England introduced us to an unusual interesting pub, too. All the walls and even ceilings were full of items related to...

Hida Beef

We went to Takayama from Shirakawago in Japan by bus. What I was looking forward to in Takayama was...

hot air balloon in Bristol: the first part

Bristol, the city in the south west England, is a mecca of hot air balloon flights. Every August, they have the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta with more than 100 balloons going up...