Wait for the bus

[ Nov.2014 ] This is the view from the bus stop in Monsanto in Portugal. We saw this view for more than 40 minutes. That is because the 2 o’clock bus finally arrived at 2:25pm….


Lunch and shopping at a stylish shop

[ Nov.2014 ] It was early afternoon when we arrived at Monsanto in Portugal. First, we looked for somewhere to eat. We went in to a shop on Rua do Castelo, a slope from the…


Bread salad

[ Nov.2014 ] This is a photo of the Bread Salad we ate in Monsanto in Portugal. It was very different from Italian Panzanella which is a salad dish with bread in it. This one…


Boulder in the bathroom

[ Nov.2014 ] The accommodation we stayed in the village, Monsanto in Portugal was Taverna Lusitana. It was a B&B which has got only two rooms, but the room was surprisingly nice. We were prepared…