About the breakfast in Carmona

About the breakfast in Carmona

[Nov. 2021] For this trip to Andalusia in Spain, none of the hotels had the breakfast included.

Plaza de San Fernando in Carmona where there are some cafes and bars for breakfast
Plaza de San Fernando

We chose that way because Croissants and cappuccino are enough in the morning.

For our first breakfast in Carmona, the small town in Andalusia, we went to a cafe facing Plaza de San Fernando.

The bar next door was more popular, but they didn’t seem to have the breakfast we wanted, so we went to this quiet cafe called Mascarpone.

It’s a cafe that sells bread and cakes, and there were also croissants, so we were relieved.

When we ordered croissants, the waiter asked us “Jam? ○○? □□?”.

So I answered “Crema”, but he looked troubled.

at the cafe called Mascarpone in Carmona for breakfast
at Mascarpone

I checked the dictionary on my mobile phone to see if the cream was called crema in Spanish, and it seemed correct.

Looking at the croissants served, the mystery was solved.

The croissant was open and toasted (sorry I did not take any photos).

And it came with strawberry and apricot jam in a small ready-made box.

I see, he was asking if we wanted jam and butter, and he was in trouble because he didn’t have a choice of cream.

We were just imagining croissants with chocolate, jam, cream, etc. inside, as you would see in Italy or in England.

inside the bar where we had breakfast in Carmona
the tile of the bar

It’s a small story, but it was an example of ‘so many countries, so many customs’.

The owner of this shop was enthusiastic and asked us to write good comments to Google with his poor English and gestures.

His hard-working attitude was pleasant, so my husband gave some comments about them on Google.

However, the next morning, this shop, which should open at 8 o’clock according to the internet information, was closed after 8 o’clock.

As we’ve experienced it several times, in Spain we can’t count on internet information.

When we looked into the bar in the corner of the same square, the owner beckoned us  that it was open, so we entered there.

We didn’t say anything, but a round bread cut in half and toasted was served, and we ate it with ready-made jam.

With coffee and orange juice the breakfast cost a little over 10 euros for two people.

This place seemed a hangout for middle-aged and older women.

the new town in Carmona
ordinary people’s life in new town

In Spain, I thought that people eat churros (doughnuts) with thick hot chocolate for breakfast, but at least it wasn’t seen here.

On the last day, after this breakfast, we checked out early and took a bus from the new town.

The old town of Carmona was really quiet, but when we got out of the Seville Gate, there was a life of ordinary people.

In addition to banks and shops, there was also a theatre.

However, the buildings themselves were almost the same as in the old town, with small white-walled houses and tiled bars lined up.

We got on the bus for Cordoba, which came 20 minutes late, from a spot in the corner of the park where the basement was a car park in the centre of the town.