The path to the beach

The path to the beach

[Aug. 2023] The day after our excursion to Hydra Island in Greece, we just relaxed on the beach.

the path to Karathona Beach from Nafplio town in Greece
the path was wider than expected

We went to Karathona Beach, the same as last time.

My friend, who went into the sea last time for the first time in decades, refrained from going on this day.

So it’s just me and my husband.

The only difference from last time was that we walked instead of taking a taxi.

The owner of the Airbnb recommended saying that the walk to the beach was pleasant, so I knew I had to walk it at least once.

looking down on the sea from the path to Karathona Beach from Nafplio town in Greece
beautiful colours of the sea makes you feel relaxed

When we went there, I found that the path was wider than I expected, and it was a good walking path that was easy to walk.

You can relax your mind as you can see the beautiful colours of the sea along the way.

It was a hot day, but the wind made it easy to beat it.

There are only a few ups and downs, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

Occasionally there were people passing by, but we mostly had it to ourselves.

the rock cliff along the path to Karathona Beach rom Nafplio town in Greece
the other side of the path was rock cliff

It is said to be a 4km journey.

Not only my husband, who loves walking, but even me, who is not good at walking, were able to walk without having any difficulties and I felt good all the way.

I was able to take some pretty good photos, too.

After passing through an area where the boat was moored, we arrived at Karathona Beach.

the scene of Karathona Beach, Nafplio in Greece
the water was even warmer on the day

At the same beach house “Utopia” as last time, this time we got a proper parasol.

After walking, we were a little hungry, so we ordered a sandwich and was surprised by how large it was.

I ate it all, though, with a bottled mojito.

The sea water on this day was even warmer than last time, and it felt like we were soaking in lukewarm bath.

As soon as I told my husband there were no fish today, he was poked by one.

Nafplio town at night, Greece
the Supermoon in the sky over Nafplio town

It was so funny to see my husband threatening the fish and saying “hey” as he fought.

I thought this was real summer vacation and thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

By the way, that evening we went out to town together with our friend and did some shopping.

It happened to be the night of a “supermoon,” and perhaps because of that, the town was extremely lively.

The liveliness of summer nights is another joy of summer vacation, isn’t it.