Shopping in Latvia

Talked with a woman at an amber stall

At one end of the market, Kalnciems Fair which was held outside of old town of Riga, there was a stall where a woman was selling the rough stone of…

Restaurants in Latvia

Steiku Haoss

[ July2016 ] When we arrived in Riga in Latvia, it was already after 10pm. We thought it could be too late for eating, but we found many restaurants open in …

Hotels in Latvia

To Riga

[ July2016 ] We had a short holiday in Riga in Latvia, one of the three Baltic countries. This was one of the places I always wanted to go, but there was a reason why …

Transports in Latvia

To the market by bus

[ July2016 ] The next day was Saturday. I had searched in advance and found that there would be a market called Kalnciems Fair outside of the old town of the city. It was open from…

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