Cathedral and the bookshop

Cathedral and the bookshop

[Jan. 2022] Our stay in Oporto, Portugal will continue.

the rose window of the cathedral in Oporto
beautiful rose window

In the morning of the next day, we decided to visit the cathedral in the neighbourhood of Airbnb where we were staying.

The cathedral was the meeting place for the tuk-tuk tour, but we did not see inside yet.

It cost € 3 per person to enter.

The cathedral is said to be the oldest building in Oporto and has a history dating from the 12th century.

According to the guidebook, it was largely rebuilt in the 13th century and then extensively refurbished in the 18th century.

cloister of the cathedral in Oporto
the azulejos around the cloister

The beautiful stained glass rose window is supposed from the 12th century.

What we wanted to see was the azulejos in the cloister.

These azulejos are said to be from the 18th century.

The cloister itself is older and has a 14th century Gothic style.

Not only the cloister, but the azulejos were also here and there, which is typical of Portuguese church.

Each one seems to have a story, but I like the fact that the old blue and white tiles are softening the atmosphere as part of the interior.

view of Oporto seen from the cathedral
the tower is the great view point

Our other purpose was to climb the tower and look down on the town of Oporto.

The cathedral is built on a hill, so it has a great view.

I was surprised when the bell rang while we were climbing the tower.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy sky on that day, but I could see a landscape with the mellow mood.

After enjoying the scenery and coming down to the main shrine, we could hear that someone was practicing the organ.

In this majestic church, a cute ‘Last Supper’ wood carving inside caught my eye.

the "Last Supper" in the cathedral in Oporto
cute wood carving

I did a quick search, but I can’t find the description anywhere, so it’s probably not very important.

Like the statue of Our Lady of Milk in Braga, in Portugal, we sometimes come across historical works of art that look like some contemporary art.

After visiting the cathedral, we strolled around the city.

We  decided to go to the Lello bookshop we had heard about during the tuk-tuk tour.

When we visited this town 12 years ago, it was a normal bookshop, but now it costs money to enter.

the queue to enter the bookshop in Oporto
the long queue for Lello Bookshop

Sure, it’s one of the five most beautiful bookshops in the world, but the reason why they started taking money is that this place was the inspiration for JK Rowling, the author of the children’s book Harry Potter, and this fact has spread worldwide.

And it is said that so many fans started to rush to this bookshop, even though they didn’t buy books and the bookshop could not keep their main business.

It costs € 5 to enter after queuing and € 16 to enter without queuing up.

the exterior of Lello Bookshop in Oporto
lovely exterior of Lello Bookshop

As we approached the area, I saw a long queue of people.

I thought it was for a Covid test, but in fact it was a queue to enter the Lello bookshop.

Of course, we didn’t join the queue.

We saw the inside 12 years ago.

As I’ve thought several times before, the impact of hit dramas on the tourism industry seems to be tremendous.