About mittens

[ July, 2016 ] Mittens seem to be a very important item for people in Latvia. We came across a shop called SENA KLETS in Riga which was mentioned in some of the Japanese websites, so…


Restaurant with a grand manner

[ July 2016 ] We went to a restaurant called “3 Pavaru Restorans” in Riga, Latvia, which was recommended by a Japanese website. I was surprised to see that it had an atmosphere with a…


Cat House in Riga

This is the photo of “Cat House” in the old town of Riga. It has two turrets like a medieval house and on top of those there are cats with…


Watching the football match at a pub

After seeing the beautiful sunset in Riga, we looked for a restaurant where we could have a light supper. The one which we had picked in the internet was…


Blackhead’s House bathed in the setting sun

I cannot remember where I learned, but apparently the view of the famous building, Blackhead’s House at the sunset time is very beautiful, so we set out to see it. The sunset on the day was 10:19pm. Certainly the view was beautiful with the rich colour of the soft light. Blackhead’s House is famous and nearly always used in the photos of Riga.


In between sightseeing, we had ice tea

[ July2016 ] We continued our sightseeing in Riga. After ‘Three Brothers’ we came across Our Lady of Sorrows Church, so we went in. It is a Cathoric church built in the…


Cathedral and three brothers

[ July2016 ] Apparently the cathedral in Riga is the largest church in the Baltic countries. It was built in 1211. The interior was rather simple. I learned afterwards that …


View from St.Peter’s Church

[ July2016 ] After leaving our shopping from the market in the hotel, we started sightseeing in the old town of Riga. First, we visited St.Peter’s Church. The design of the tower is nice and…