Stay at Airbnb in Seregno

Stay at Airbnb in Seregno

[Sept. 2021] The town of Seregno in Lombardy, Italy, is about 30 kilometers north of Milan, right in the middle of the towns of Milan and Como.

the bedroom of the Airbnb in Seregno
the colourless bedroom

We rented an Airbnb in this town and spent two weeks.

It’s a small town with nothing in particular, but it was a convenient place for us to get things done.

Airbnb here was the most modern and pretentious ever.

As soon as you enter, there was a spacious space where the dining kitchen and living room were integrated.

After passing here, there was a bathroom on the right side, and beyond that was the bedroom.

the bathtub at the foot of the bed in the Airbnb in Seregno
This is the bathtub in the bedroom.

All interiors had an inorganic image with as little colour as possible.

It was like a model room, the exact opposite of Edinburgh’s Airbnb, where people had lived in for many years.

And the strangest thing is that there was a bathtub at the foot of the bed in the bedroom.

Why? For what? I was wondering, but that reminded me of the hotel room we stayed at in Santorini, Greece many years ago which also had a bath in an open space with a bed.

There was a shower room in the bathroom, so we didn’t use this bathtub in this bedroom in Seregno.

the living room in the Airbnb in Seregno
the spacious living room

At first, I felt that this Airbnb wasn’t easy to live in, for example, there were no mirrors to use, but after two weeks I got used to it.

To some extent, we moved the furniture to make it easier for us to work and exercise during the day.

The location was excellent as it was right in the centre of Seregno.

There was a bakery downstairs and a seafood fast food restaurants named Maremio a few houses away.

Poke bowl at Maremio, the restaurant in Seregno
my Japanese looking Poke

On the first day, we arrived so late that my husband bought a simple meal from this Maremio for dinner and had it at our Airbnb, but a few days later we went to have a meal in the restaurant.

This restaurant has just opened, and they said that it is a chain restaurant with the first one in Como.

At this time, I ate rice and toppings of mu choice for the first time in a bowl called Poke.

Poke bowl in the restaurant in Seregno, Maremio
my husband’s mayonnaise Poke

We never came across this style of meal, but young people told us later, that it has become popular recently.

I chose octopus, tuna, and shrimp for white rice, and added sesame and wakame seaweed, edamame, and zucchini, and chose the soy sauce, which became a kind of Japanese bowl.

My husband chose black rice and mayonnaise as the sauce, so it was a strange bowl.

In addition to this Poke, you could choose ingredients for burgers and tacos.