Concert in the cathedral

Concert in the cathedral

[ July, 2016 ] On the last night of our stay in Riga, Latvia, we went to a concert in the cathedral. When we visited there the day before, we found that they were having the concert so we bought tickets.

All the benches had numbers and all seats were properly reserved. Ours was on the side towards the back of the church.

The musicians were the local organist and composer, a flutist and a German soprano singer.

The organ was situated on the higher floor at the back, but because the seats were church benches, people were looking towards the altar.

Both soprano and flutist were standing next to the organ, so people could not see them.

Fortunately our seats were on the side facing sideways, so we could see a bit of singer’s profile.

riga2016-165There were many tourists in the audience, but also many women who came on their own.

And many were listening with their eyes closed.

Well, there were not anything to look at anyway.

The musicians came down and went to the front for the last two pieces, though.

There were quite a few well known pieces among the ones they played.

We enjoyed listening to good music in this lovely atmosphere.

By the way, the organ here was the one of the largest in the world as we learned the day before, but it is under repair so we could not see it.

According to the leaflet of the concert, it was an urgent renovation, but it seemed to be in perfect working order.