Seregno and piano

[Oct. 2021] Soon after we started staying in Seregno, a small town in Lombardy, Italy, we noticed a sign that announced an outdoor piano concert. It said they would light candles and include some dances….


Roman cuisine in northern Italy

[Sept. 2022] After returning home from the summer holiday in Sicily, we went to northern Italy for some business. Although it wasn’t a holiday, we made a reservation at a restaurant of Roman cuisine in…


meat dish in Solferino

[ Oct.2017 ] I saw a weird photo of a wall with many skulls on a website and found out that it was in a town called Solferino which is not too far from Milan…


Stay at Airbnb in Seregno

[Sept. 2021] The town of Seregno in Lombardy, Italy, is about 30 kilometers north of Milan, right in the middle of the towns of Milan and Como. We rented an Airbnb in this town and…