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Travel to Italy

Archimedes and a ship

[Aug. 2022] The historic town of Syracuse in Sicily, Italy, is the hometown of Archimedes, who is known as a mathematician and physicist. When I heard about Archimedes, a sage from ancient Greece, and I…

Shopping in Italy

Shopping at the market

[Aug. 2022] On the first day we started ‘living’ in Syracuse, a town in the south eastern part of Sicily in Italy, we went shopping at the wet market. Crossing the bridge from the new…

Restaurants in Italy

Finally ate pizza

[Aug. 2022] One of the days during our stay type summer holiday in Syracuse, Sicily, we went out to eat pizza in the evening after finishing our work. The other day, we went to a…

Italian food

Ice cream for breakfast?

[ Aug.2022 ] In the morning in Syracuse in the southeastern part of Sicily, Italy, we went out for an Italian breakfast, croissants and cappuccino. The Airbnb where we stayed was in the new town,…

Hotels in Italy

“Livable” Airbnb this time

[ Aug.2022 ] During this summer holiday in Syracuse, a historic town in Sicily, Italy, we stayed at Airbnb. We’ve been hooked on Airbnb since our first experience two years ago in Alghero, Sardinia. This…