On the last day

On the last day

[Sept. 2023] Our 10-day stay in Nafplio, a historic town on the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece, has finally come to an end.

Karathona Beach seen on the last day in Nafolio, Greece
Karathona Beach, beautiful as always

The next day we will travel to Athens and return home the next day.

Because it was the last day, we thought we needed to go back to the sea, so we headed to Karathona Beach again.

At the recommendation of a taxi driver we happened to take, this time we settled on a different beach hut, “Big Fish.”

But it was not good here.

Although it’s OK to pay €10 for a parasol and deckchair, the quality of the snacks was so poor that I was disappointed.

Both the ready-made sandwiches and mojitos were miserable.

Also, there was no place to change clothes.

When we arrived around 11:30, there weren’t many people around and it felt like the end of summer, but after a while it was full.

It was windy that day, but the water temperature was just right.

take-away dinner on the last day in Nafolio, Greece
very successful take-away dinner

We didn’t encounter any fish near this beach house, but the ground was only sand, so I went into the sea barefoot (I usually go into the sea with my sandals on because the soles of my feet are sensitive) ).

As I do every year, I enjoyed the clear water while wondering when and where I would next go in the sea.

As for our last dinner, because it was Sunday and most of the shops were closed, we had “take-away” from the restaurant in front of our Airbnb.

sunset on the last day in Nafplio in Greece
wind turbines lined up against the red sky

If we had known that they do take-way sooner, we would have used it many times.

Three of us shared the Greek salad, moussaka, and grilled pork belly with honey sauce.

This pork belly was so good that I fell in love with it so much that I ate more than half of it.

By the way, this restaurant, Karima Kastro offers a 20% discount on take-away orders.

the last drink in Nafplio, Greece
a glass of Spritz at the last night in Nafplio

It was a nice dinner with the wine we bought at the winery the day before.

After dinner, we walked along the promenade that leads to Karathona Beach to watch the sunset.

We were told that the sun would set at 7:56, but by the time we went there, the sun was already behind the mountain.

However, the whole scenery was dyed reddish and it became a beautiful picture.

A slightly melancholy scenery perfect for the last day.

I felt a little sad, but I didn’t want it to end like this, so we headed out into the night.

We grabbed a table outside and enjoy a drink while watching people pass by.

Our friend told us about the “one baby a day” habit after seeing many people with children, especially babies.

Apparently, she looks at an innocent baby at least once a day to reset her mind.

That’s a very interesting idea, isn’t it.