Belgrade Novi Sad Sremski Karlovci

Lunch in Zemun ( Belgrade )

At the end of our tour in Zemun, the historic part in Belgrade in Serbia, we went up a hill called Gardos, which used to be a fortress. The fortress was said to have been…


The Restaurant Called “?” and the Town at Night

[ May 2018 ] In Belgrade, the capital city in Serbia, our first stop was the restaurant, called “?” Kafana, which was listed in our guide book. Kafana means a traditional pub. Originally, it was…


To Belgrade

[ May, 2018 ] We went to Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. For me it was the first time, but my husband went there in 1980, when it was Yugoslavia. We flew from London…


To Zemun by Bus

[ May 2018 ] On the next day, we joined a tour to Zemun, a historic part of Belgrade in Serbia. We joined many tours during our short holiday in Serbia, which was good in…

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