Busan Gyeongju Seoul

Namdaemun, the ultimate market

[april 2012] Before leaving Korea, we went to Namdaemun Market in Seoul. We have seen many shopping area in Korea by now, but this was the ultimate one. In one leather shop, when I said ‘oh,…


Korean BBQ, again

[april 2012] We went to eat Korean Barbecue in Seoul again this year.It was a bigger restaurant than last year and Japanese tourists were coming in one after another.They came to pick us up in…


A Big Room

[April, 2011] This is a part of the room in Lotte Hotel in Seoul. It was a surprisingly big room. Is it because Korea is in a continent and has a plenty of land? Or…


Korean Bullet Train

[april 2012] We moved from Busan to Seoul by a train very similar to Japanese Bullet Train called KTX.Our guide took us to the Busan station and at Seoul station, there was another guide waiting…

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