Aero Esbjerg Kolding
Odense Ribe Svendborg
My travel experience in Denmark

Lots of seals

[August 2012] After the ferry left Esbjerg in Denmark, we went out to the deck and saw some very shallow islands. And on them, there were a lot of seals ( I mean seals or sea…

Hotels in Denmark

The hotel in Aero Island

[August 2012] In Aero Island, I stayed in a hotel called Aerohus.The main building was built 1836, but I stayed in an annex which contains two rooms with a small kitchen.It looked like having been…

Transports in Denmark

To the Aero Island

[August 2012] We went over to Aero island in Denmark by ferry from Svendborg. It took about 40minutes from Odense to Svendborg by train and from the Svendborg station to the port was about 10minutes’…