Going up to Cathedral of San Giorgio

Going up to Cathedral of San Giorgio

[Sept. 2022] This is the continuation of our trip to Modica, Sicily, Italy.

staircase to Cathedral of San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily
250 steps to get to the cathedral

After quenching our thirst with a granita and taking a break, we headed to the city’s top tourist attraction, the Cathedral of San Giorgio.

This is a church on a hillside, so there are slopes and stairs to climb for getting there.

It was a hot day, but I think the reason why I was able to climb relatively easily was because the air was much drier than in Syracuse.

As we climbed up, I was fascinated by the scenery that spread out below me, and took many pictures as I proceeded.

Cathedral of San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily seen from the staircase
looking up at the cathedral from the staircase

Our guide book says that the number of steps to Cathedral of San Giorgio  (I learned that a lot of people call it cathedral and I follow them, but in fact, the map I got there simply said Chiesa di San Giorgio, that is, San Giorgio Church) is 250 steps.

Just by hearing it, it seems quite painful, but this was unexpectedly not so.

The stairs were zigzag, and flowers were blooming on the way, so the beauty of the scenes distracted me.

Besides, looking back, there was a unique view of Modica’s densely packed houses.

inside of Cathedral of San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily
solemn interior

According to the guidebook, this cathedral is a masterpiece of the first half of the 18th century by an architect named Rosario Gagliardi, and is said to be one of the finest Baroque buildings in all of Sicily.

The interior had a solemn atmosphere.

the meridian inside Cathedral of San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily
the first meridian in Sicily

Something like a figure was engraved on the floor in front of the altar, and this is apparently the first meridian in Sicily, which was made in 1895.

There was a staircase at the rear of the church, and it seemed that you could climb up to the bell tower.

The person in charge was standing there, so we asked about it, and he said the number of steps was 100 (Is that true?).

Then he saw our hanging cameras and said, “If you come here, you have to go up. You can take good pictures.”

stairs to the bell tower of Cathedral of San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily
narrow spiral staircase to the bell tower

We were tempted so we paid €2  per person and started climbing.

The narrow spiral staircase to a certain point was tough, but after that it was easy.

When I looked down at the open landing, I could see old and cute Fiat 500s and 600s running in a row.

lovely old Fiat cars seen from Cathedral of San Giorgio in Modica, Sicily
very pretty Fiat cars

The view from the top of the bell tower was even more spectacular.

So it was worth an effort to climb up here.

When we visited this town last time, I had a strong desire to “revisit it again and enjoy the scenery.” and my wish was fulfilled and I was happy.

This is the end of Modica.

Finally, we had a spritz at a cafe on Umberto I, the main street, before heading back to the train station.