The town of Delft and Delftware

[ June 2017 ] The next stop on our tour of the cities of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands was Delft. Delft is a pretty town which looked rather like a smaller version of Amsterdam. Because…

The Hague

Madurodam, a miniature park and bicycle pollution

[ June 2017 ] During the tour which took us to the cities of Zuid-Holland, we visited a miniature park called Madurodam which is in the suburbs of The Hague. In this park, various models…

The Hague

The Hague is the practical capital city

[ June 2017 ] We joined the tour which went quickly to the main cities of the region of Zuid-Holland. This kind of superficial tour is found in every country, but in the Netherlands it…


Join the Urban Photo Race in Amsterdam

[ June 2017 ] Our main purpose of visiting Amsterdam in the Netherlands this time was to participate the Urban Photo Race (UPR). This event is a photo competition which is basically the same as…

The Netherlands

Dutch people

[March, 2011] Dutch people are famous for their height. I used to have a Dutch pen friend  and he was more than 190 cm and his female cousin was 210cm. They are all big in…

The Netherlands

Shops in Amsterdam

[March, 2011] In European continent, the shops are usually closed on Sundays, but here in Amsterdam they were open. It is a very important element for tourists. On top of that, although the Netherlands is…

The Netherlands

How to take children with you

[March, 2011] In the Netherlands, they carry children with you in this way as you can see in this photo. Clever, aren’t they.

The Netherlands

Millions of bicycles

[March, 2011] When I went to China long time ago, I was overwhelmed by the number of bicycles. But China has achieved economic development and bicycles are being replaced by cars. Now the Netherlands must…


Living on the canals

[March, 2011] We went through the canals in Amsterdam by a tour boat. The total length of the canals is 150km apparently. We saw the houseboats closely. Some had small gardens and made me wonder…