And then, lunch

And then, lunch

[Dec. 2022] In Salamanca in the western part of Spain, we had planned to do some more sightseeing, but we spent more time at Casa Lis than expected, so we rushed to the Salamanca University goods shop, which opened only in the morning on the day, to buy some souvenirs.

interior of Restaurante Valencia, a restaurant in Salamanca, Spain
relaxing and quiet atmosphere

After that, we hurried to the restaurant where we had made a reservation at 1:30.

The restaurant is called Restaurante Valencia.

There was a bar and a restaurant with separate entrances, but we were led to the bar, so we entered from there.

However, when my husband gave his name, we were guided to the restaurant in the back as if they had been waiting.

The décor is bullfighting-themed and has a calm atmosphere.

The waiters spoke English, which is unusual in this area and the menu is also translated into English.

For the starter we shared the asparagus with Iberico ham on it.

This was a good combination.

asparagus with Iberico ham at Restaurante Valencia, a restaurant in Salamanca, Spain
delicious starter we had

It also solved the lack of vegetables, which has been our problem since we started this holiday.

For the main, I chose the partridge (Pardiz estofada a la antigua) from among the 5-6 items listed as specials here.

There was a choice of 1 plate or 1/2 plate, but the middle aged waiter said,  “You can have one plate for lunch. If it is dinner, you had better have half.”

I wondered that means that they have lunch as the main meal around here?

Partridge and onions were stewed together.

The taste was light and delicious, so I ate 1 plate potion easily.

My husband chose a rooster dish called Capon de campo en Pepitoria.

the rooster dish at Restaurante Valencia, a restaurant in Salamanca, Spain
my husband’s rooster dish

It is said that if the penises are cut off early, the meat of the roosters will become softer, and this dish was made by stewing such a bird in wine.

It was served with a fairly thick sauce with a fruity sweetness that seemed to be a prune.

My dessert was a heavy pudding named Tocinillo de Cielo.

I liked the taste, but it was a little heavy.

I ate it all, though.

My husband enjoyed the pear stewed in wine.

The wine of the day was a local wine called La Zirra (Fox), which was not very rich but had a good taste.

the dessert at Restaurante Valencia, a restaurant in Salmanca, Spain
tasty but heavy dessert

As I’ve said many times, it is not likely that you would come across a bad red wine here in Spain.

With coffee, the total was €101.20.

The food, the atmosphere, and the feeling of the people at the restaurant were all good and it was the best meal we have had so far on this trip.