After eating frogs, visited Morimondo Abbey

[ Dec.2019 ] It seems that they often eat frogs outside of Milan in Italy, especially south west of the city. We had eaten them in Pavia before, but this time, we went to a…

Emilia Romagna

Eating and sightseeing in Bologna

[ Oct.2019 ] Because we wanted to eat the authentic Bolonese, we went to Bologna from Milan in Italy. We have not been there for some time. The restaurant we headed for was Trattoria della…


After seeing the Etruscan Arch, lunch time

[ Aug.2019 ] We walked from Piazza IV Novembre towards Etruscan Arch in Perugia in Umbria, Italy. Walking west from the Cathedral of San Lorenzo into Via Battisti, we came out to the point where…


The good lunch in Assisi

[ Aug.2019 ] There seems a lot more to see than the famous Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi in Italy, but after spending long time looking at things in the basilica, we were very…


The Restaurant in Lodi

[ Apr.2019 ] We had some time before our flight, so we visited Lodi, a town which is about 30km southeast of Milan in Italy. It is not a world famous town, but it has…


Eat Before Visiting the Palace of Venaria

[ Apr.2019 ] We visited the Palace of Venaria in Piedmont in Italy as a day trip from Milan. It is located close to Turin and it is the palace for the House of Savoy,…


Delicious Foods are Good for Your Soul (Milan)

[ Jan.2019 ] One day in January, when the winter sale was already in the latter half, we were walking cheerfully towards my favourite brand’s outlet in Milan in Italy and I tripped and fell….


The Town Called Avigliana

[ June 2018 ] We went to see the Sacra di San Michele, in Piedmont, from Milan in Italy. Seeing some photos of this monastery, it looked magnificent standing on top of a hill, so we…