The Restaurant in Lodi

[ Apr.2019 ] We had some time before our flight, so we visited Lodi, a town which is about 30km southeast of Milan in Italy. It is not a world famous town, but it has…


Eat Before Visiting the Palace of Venaria

[ Apr.2019 ] We visited the Palace of Venaria in Piedmont in Italy as a day trip from Milan. It is located close to Turin and it is the palace for the House of Savoy,…


Delicious Foods are Good for Your Soul (Milan)

[ Jan.2019 ] One day in January, when the winter sale was already in the latter half, we were walking cheerfully towards my favourite brand’s outlet in Milan in Italy and I tripped and fell….


Lovely Lunch During the Demonstration

[ Dec.2018 ] We arrived at our booked restaurant, Au Petit Riche in Paris without much delay while the Yellow Vest demonstration was at its height. However, the friend who lives in Paris and who…


The Town Called Avigliana

[ June 2018 ] We went to see the Sacra di San Michele, in Piedmont, from Milan in Italy. Seeing some photos of this monastery, it looked magnificent standing on top of a hill, so we…


The Lobster Spaghetti in Castelsardo

[ May 2018 ] The weather did not improve on the next day of our short holiday in Sardinia in Italy. We asked the receptionist in our hotel for some ideas of things to do…


To Bosa

[ May 2018 ] On the second night in Sardinia in Italy, we had strong wind and rain and the shutters of the hotel in Alghero, where we stayed, kept making loud noises. Everyone here…


About the Delicious Lunch and Some Other Things

[ May 2018 ] For our lunch on the second day in Alghero, the town in Sardinia in Italy, we looked for a restaurant called Nautilus, which was recommended on a website. According to the…


Very Good Seafood and the Winter of the Island

[ May 2018 ] The main purpose of our holiday to Sardinia in Italy this time was to go to the beautiful beach in a small town called Stintino. We decided to stay in Alghero, because…