Seafood and whisky

Seafood and whisky

[Sept. 2023] We had dinner on the Isle of Barra in the Hebrides of Scotland at the hotel we stayed at.

The hotel is Castlebay Hotel in Castlebay, the only town-like town on the island.

the room in Castlebay Hotel on Barra Island in Hebrides, Scotland
very British room

If you search for “Hotels on Barra Island,” this is the first hotel that comes up.

This is a typical British hotel, with pine furniture.

The bed was too soft, but the room and bathroom were spacious enough.

Dinner starts early at 6pm.

The dining room faced the sea and had a good view of Kisimul Castle, a castle situated offshore in the bay.

We recently saw another castle in the bay, and that was in Nafplio, Greece, which we had just visited in the summer.

Kisimul Castle seen from Castlebay Hotel on Barra Island in Hebrides, Scotland
Kisimul Castle in the bay seen from the restaurant

What a coincidence.

I really felt lucky that I could have a meal while looking at such a view.

It’s an island surrounded by the sea, and during the daytime tour we learned that the island’s industry is fishing next to tourism, so we chose seafood.

Starter was salmon pate.

The chopped smoked salmon and brown crackers were served.

It was quite salty, but I liked it.

My main dish was “fish of the day,” hake.

the hake dish of Castlebay Hotel on Barra Island, Hebrides, Scotland
hake dish with lovely sauce

Although the portion was small, the butter and caper sauce worked well and it was delicious without being too heavy.

My husband chose haddock fish and chips for his main.

When he eats fish in the UK, he usually chooses fish and chips.

Does he like it that much, or does he think it’s a safe zone?

He had a choice of batter flour or bread crumbs, he chose batter flour.

We don’t know the difference though.

When I got a little bit of it from him, it was crunchy and had a nice texture.

chocolate fudge cake of Castlebay Hotel on Barra Island in Hebrides, Scotland
quite big fudge cake

For dessert, we shared a chocolate fudge cake.

It had a simple taste, the portion was plentiful, and it wasn’t bad.

After dinner, we took a break in our room, and then went down to the bar, which was advertised as being open until 10pm.

Then, an lady who appeared to be the manager said, “We’re about to close, so could you have a drink in the lounge?”

Since we were in Scotland, we asked for some whisky, and she suggested us Talisker and Jura, so we had them relaxing by the window in the lounge.

the ferry to Oban from Barra Island docked at the port in Scotland
the lights of the ferry to Oban in Scotland

She groomed herself and left.

Is there no other guest staying in the hotel?

The only thing visible from the window is the light of the ferry to Oban, which is docked in the harbour.

When locals from the Isle of Barra go to mainland Scotland, apparently they usually use this ferry instead of flying.

It is said that it will take 5 hours.

After enjoying some whisky, we went up to our room and it was 10 o’clock.