Catania Syracuse

Visiting a mansion on the last evening

[Sept. 2022] We spent more than two weeks in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy, but now it’s finally the last night. On our usual evening walk, when we came to Piazza Duomo in Ortigia, we found the…


Shopping at the market

[Aug. 2022] On the first day we started ‘living’ in Syracuse, a town in the south eastern part of Sicily in Italy, we went shopping at the wet market. Crossing the bridge from the new…


Very good lunch in Ragusa Ibla

[Sept. 2022] After finishing the fulfilling tour in Ragusa Ibla, an inland historic town in Sicily, we had lunch. Recommended by the manager of the hotel where we stayed, we sought out a restaurant called…


Ice cream for breakfast?

[ Aug.2022 ] In the morning in Syracuse in the southeastern part of Sicily, Italy, we went out for an Italian breakfast, croissants and cappuccino. The Airbnb where we stayed was in the new town,…


At night in Ragusa

[Sept. 2022] We boarded a single-car train that arrived 10 minutes late from the Modica station in Sicily. Our destination is Ragusa. It took only about 30 minutes, but it went like an old man…

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