Helsinki Lapland Porvoo
My travel experience in Finland

People in Finland

[ Aug.2015 ] We stayed in Helsinki, in Finland, for only three days on the weekend and within those days, we received help from unknown passers-by twice! When a person with a camera stands and…

Restaurants in Finland

‘Dinner in the Sky’

[ Aug.2015 ] When we were walking in Helsinki, we looked up and found this machine. At first I thought it was a part of amusement park and did not think much of it, but…

Food in Finland


[ Aug.2015 ] We wanted to have a nice lunch as our last meal in Helsinki on Sunday, and looked for two restaurants listed in the guide book, but both of them were closed. So,…

Hotels in Finland

Lovely hotel we stayed in Helsinki in Finland

[ Aug.2015 ] We stayed in a hotel called Hotelli Seurahuone, in Helsinki, Finland. It is close to the railway station. When we arrived at the last stop of the airport bus, we could see it…

Transports in Finland

Boat Trip on the Way Back

[ Aug.2015 ] We went to Porvoo, in Finland, from Helsinki by bus and came back by boat. In the leaflet, it said the tour takes 7 hours. The bus ride was about 1 hour,…