[ Aug.2015 ] We wanted to have a nice lunch as our last meal in Helsinki on Sunday, and looked for two restaurants listed in the guide book, but both of them were closed.

So, we went in to the one just in front of us at the time.

It was a buffet-style restaurant where you could eat as much as you wanted for 22 euros.

That reminded me of our guidebook saying “Finnish people do not get up early on weekends, so brunch shops are popular, which open from around 10:30-15:30″.

So, this was one of them.

Most of the food was fried, so it would have been good for young people who eat a lot.

Here, my husband said “There are many women in Finland”.

It is true.

When I looked around the restaurant, 100% of the workers were women and about 80% of the customers were women, too.

Actually, all of the staff at our hotel were women and in the boat from Porvoo, women were doing manual labour.

Interested, I looked this up on the internet and found that the general ratio between men and women of Finnish population are about the same as other countries, but when you look at the over 65 category, in Finland, the number of males for each female is 0.69.

The same number of Japan and most of the western European countries, such as the UK and Italy is more than 0.72.

So in Finland, maybe they treasure men who die early and hide them.

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