Last night on the terrace

Last night on the terrace

[Jan. 2024] We stayed in Palermo, Sicily, Italy for about 10 days, and this was our last night here.

The Rinascente department store chain was located near the Airbnb where we were staying, and we had our eye on the rooftop terrace where we could eat from the moment we arrived.

the San Somenico Church seen from the terrace of Rinascente in Palermo, Sicily in Italy
lovely night view of San Domenico Church

When we went there, as expected, it was very stylish.

It was the middle of winter, but this was southern Europe.

If you wear a coat, it’s not cold at all outside.

In fact, I even took my coats off halfway through.

We settled down on a terrace seat and ate and drank lightly while looking down at the San Domenico Church, which we end up not having a chance to go inside.

The atmosphere was very nice.

Here, I had yellow peach bellinis and my husband had Cuba Libres, two glasses each.

For snacks, we had small sushi-like things called “gunkan” and tortilla chips.

tortilla chips at Rinascente in Palermo, Sicily in Italy
tortilla chips and the sauce

I was quite sceptical about this sushi imitation, but when I tried it, it was quite good.

The salmon roll in particular had salmon roe on top, and it was so delicious that it melt-in-your-mouth.

These days, even the imitation sushi is pretty good, isn’t it.

All in all, it wasn’t cheap at €68, but I guess that’s the cost of the venue.

It was really a nice evening.

By the way, we got thirsty while sightseeing that day, so we tried something called a Limoncello Spritz at a roadside table.

The spritz is originally a drink around Venice, and I fell in love with it more than 10 years ago, and it has become very popular since then.

In Europe, it depends on the country, but at least in the UK, it is now an everyday cocktail.

Limoncello Spritz in Palermo, Sicily in Italy
nice and refreshing Limoncello Spritz

Usually, Aperol or Campari is mixed with Prosecco, but in Palermo, Limoncello Spritz was very popular, perhaps because of the local culture.

It was also delicious!

It may become popular all over the world, too.

In this shop, takeaway Aperol Spritz was very cheap at €3.

We sat at a table and were given potato chips and peanuts, so it was €6 per glass.

By the way, in Italy, a small bowl of peanuts is almost always served with a spoon.

You scoop up the peanuts with the spoon, put them in your palm, and pick them up little by little.

I’m used to it now, but it seemed strange at first.

Speaking of spritz, it reminds me of the expensive spritz in Dubrovnik.

There, they didn’t even give you any snacks like potato chips.

That experience is something we will talk about for the rest of our lives.