Budapest Heviz Keszthely
Lake Balaton
My travel experience in Hungary


[September, 2010] This is a shop in Budapest, where I bought a traditional shirts and a skirt. Mine is not as gorgeous as the ones the dolls wear. In Hungary the embroidery is amazing.

Hotels in Hungary

The Luxurious New York Palace

[September, 2010] I booked this hotel online.Choosing a hotel without any recommendation is sometimes risky, but this time, I hit a jackpot.It used to be a gathering place for certain literary group and recently renovated…

Transports in Hungary

Flying with propeller to Budapest

[September, 2010] The aeroplane to Budapest was the one with propellers.The ramp had only 5 steps just like a private jet.It flew lower than ordinary jet plane, so the view was very good.