Lake Balaton in heavy rain

[Sept. 2010] By the way, this trip to Hungary, in fact, Budapest was a bonus, and our first destination was the town of Keszthely along Lake Balaton. We met a couple of friends living in…


Sightseeing in Buda

[Sept. 2010] On the second day in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, we walked around on the castle hill of Buda. There are many highlights on the hill where the Buda Castle is, so many…



[September, 2010] This is a shop in Budapest, where I bought a traditional shirts and a skirt. Mine is not as gorgeous as the ones the dolls wear. In Hungary the embroidery is amazing.


Hungary, Balaton lake

[September, 2010] Balaton is a big lake in the centre of Hungary. It was a very cloudy day. I don’t know why but when I face this sort of view, I always feel the amazing…


Hungary, local market 1

[September, 2010] We like visiting this kind of place, because it is possible to meet ordinary people and to see what they do in normal daily life, in this case grocery shopping. This place is…


Potato festival in rain

[September, 2010] Keszthely — very difficult to pronounce — is a major town in the south end of Lake Balaton. The weather was awful, but they were trying enjoying their potato festival. We joined and…


Raining hard at Lake Balaton

[September, 2010] We went to Lake Balaton for the first time. It is famous for its beauty and Hungarian people spend their holidays here, but unfortunately when we were there, the weather was awful. I…