Ice cream for breakfast?

Ice cream for breakfast?

[ Aug.2022 ] In the morning in Syracuse in the southeastern part of Sicily, Italy, we went out for an Italian breakfast, croissants and cappuccino.

the ice cream people were eating for breakfast in Syracuse, Sicily
these are the breakfast for them

The Airbnb where we stayed was in the new town, and we walked along the main street, Corso Umberto I.

There were quite a few cafes along this street.

The cafe we entered also has gelato (ice cream).

When I was watching, I found that people were eating gelato, mainly granita, a kind of shaved ice, with bread called brioche for breakfast.

A few years ago, when we went to Calabria in the southern part of mainland Italy, we had the first experience eating ice cream sandwiched between bread, and I remember hearing that it originated in Sicily.

By the way, the brioche that people are eating seems to be the brioche (a soft round bread with a sort of outie belly button ) that we Japanese usually understand, and it is different from the brioche (croissant) that my husband from Milan calls.

Sicily is also famous for its delicious gelato, so I felt like trying this breakfast once, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat ice cream in the morning, so I didn’t try it in the end.

the brioche people eat with ice cream for breakfast in Syracuse in Sicily
the brioche to go with granita

We ordered a croissant, and it came out large and heavy with lots of cream (me) and jam (my husband).

After breakfast, it’s time to shop for the things you’ll need for our living during our stay here.

This time we stayed for 2 weeks.

For this type of holiday, we always buy a scale.

Overeating is inevitable on holidays, but we weigh ourselves every morning to make sure we don’t overdo it.

Along this Corso Umberto I, there are also Chinese general shops, where we could buy these daily necessities at a low price.

aubergines in the greengrocers in Syracuse, Sicily
the aubergines in the greengrocers whose shop assistant was helpful

Then we stopped at a small supermarket to stock up on some food and drink, and finally went to a greengrocer near Airbnb.

This was especially the case with the lady at this greengrocer, but generally speaking, the Italian shop assistants are very friendly and nice even to first-time customers who are obviously tourists.

Even when it comes to cheap products, they give proper advice.

My husband said, “This is one of the things I miss living in London.”

It’s true that many shop assistants in London show their feelings to the customers that they don’t like working and can’t be bothered.