A lovely hotel in Budapest where we went to by a propeller plane

A lovely hotel in Budapest where we went to by a propeller plane

[Sept. 2010] We had a short trip from Milan, Italy to Budapest, Hungary.

First, let’s talk about the flight at that time.

I was surprised when we arrived at the gate.

the flight from Milan to Budapest
we flew just above the clouds

There were only a  few people.

Sure enough, it was a propeller plane.

It was a Bombardier aircraft with only 5 steps of ramps.

I had thought Bombardier was a private jet company.

Passengers with large baggage could not bring them into the cabin, so they handed them to the staff.

Propeller aircraft have the advantage of low flight altitude.

The view from the window was wonderful and I could not take my eyes off it.

When I saw the person in the front seat pulling out the camcorder, I held the camera as well.

the historic part of New York Palace Hotel in Budapest
gorgeous interior in the hotel

In a blink of an eye (I felt so, but the actual time is unknown), we arrived in Budapest.

There were two terminals at the airport in Budapest, and we got off at Terminal 2.

I knew in advance from the guidebook that the way from the airport to the city was not straightforward, so I was a little nervous, but found a shuttle bus booth at the place where we received our check-in luggage.

We were able to make a reservation here.

There was also an ATM nearby, and we withdrew the Hungarian currency Forint.

The shuttle bus was a minibus that seated about 10 people.

The bus went around several hotels, avoiding traffic jams and winding through a fairly narrow back alley.

Our hotel this time was the New York Palace Hotel.

When we saw it online, we made a reservation because it made a good impression, but when we arrived, it was very impressive and amazing.

inside New York Palace Hotel in Budapest
it was really like in a palace

The inside had an opening and it was bright.

There was no counter at the reception, and the person in charge worked on the computer on the table in the reception area.

The Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh, where we stayed a while ago, was like this, too, so it seemed to be the trend of luxury hotels (at that time).

Looking at the guidebook, the building of this hotel was a historic one where a group of Budapest bachelors of arts used to gather.

When the guidebook was written, it was “currently being renovated into a hotel”.

The historic part was on the other side of the reception through the atrium.

It was a posh cafe in a gorgeous palace-like atmosphere.

modern part of the New York Palace Hotel in Budapest
lovely atrium of the hotel

Our room was of course comfortable.

Especially the bathroom part was nice and spacious.

I wrote it as ‘a part’ because although it was separated, there was no door and it was continuous from the bedroom.

We only stayed one night, and just before checking out, I went to the toilet and left my ring there.

I realised that much later at night and called the hotel.

They kept my ring and sent it to my house in London at the actual cost.

Thanks to that, my impression has got even better.