“Liveable” Airbnb here, too

“Liveable” Airbnb here, too

[Aug. 2023] This three nights in Athens, Greece was just an appetizer so to speak.

The main destination was Nafplio in the Peloponnese.

the bus station in Athens, Greece
chaotic bus station

We spent about 10 days at the Airbnb there with a friend of ours.

Nafplio is about 2 hours away by bus from Athens.

The bus station in Athens was a chaotic place away from the centre, but in the end we were able to catch the bus we had planned without any problems.

Along the way, we could briefly see the Corinth Canal.

It looked great and I thought, “we have to go and check this out later.”

Well, we arrived at Nafplio, a small and cute town with a history, and there was an Airbnb that we had booked a short walk from the bus stop.

the garden of the Airbnb in Nafplio, Greece
there is a table in the garden

When choosing an Airbnb, you carefully examine the location and floor plan, but you won’t know if you can live in the place or not until you visit.

As I said before when I wrote about Airbnb in Syracuse, there are Airbnbs where you can live and the ones where you can’t live.

Fortunately, this was an Airbnb where we could live in.

It didn’t seem to have a name, but it’s on a street called Papanikolaou.

We entered the apartment without meeting the owner, entering the code and receiving the key, but we did receive a phone call from the owner.

After that, we continued to have contact with her, Maria.

the bathroom of the Airbnb in Nafolio, Greece
washing machine was in the bathroom

The interior was stylish and cute, but it had all the necessities needed to live properly.

The apartment was on the ground floor, and there was a small garden where you could hang your laundry, and of course there was a washing machine.

The kitchen was perfect for cooking, but the stove was electric and my friend felt it lacked sufficient heat.

We have one with electric power at home so we haven’t had any problems.

We were hungry by the time we arrived, so we went to a restaurant by the sea.

My husband found this restaurant on the internet called To Teloneio, which is located on the seaside but specialised in meat dishes.

the wild boar kebab at To Teloneio, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
very nice wild boar kebab

My friend and I had the grilled veal and my husband had the wild boar kebab.

I’m not sure what sauce the veal came with, and I could have done without it, but the meat itself was delicious.

The wild boar surprisingly did not have strong smell  and had a crisp taste.

For starters, we shared a green salad and grilled feta drizzled with honey.

Including the chilled house wine and my husband’s tobacco-flavoured drink (I forget the name), the total cost was a reasonable €75.40.