Frecciarossa from Paris to Milan

Frecciarossa from Paris to Milan

[July 2023] For the first time, we travelled by train from Paris, France to Milan, Italy.

Our starting point was Gare de Lyon, the same station where we took the train to Fontainebleau a few days earlier.

at the cafe called Le Chat Bossu in Paris, France
the glasses at Le Chat Bossu

The train was Frecciarossa, an Italian high-speed train.

The train we reserved was late in the afternoon at 3:16 pm, so we took it easy in the morning.

We checked out of the hotel at noon and walked towards the market we had been to before to find a place for lunch.

We found the restaurant where we had steak last time, but it wasn’t very lively, probably because this street was under construction.

So, we passed by this place and ended up going to a typical French cafe called Le Chat Bossu.

the foods at Le Chat Bossu, a cafe in Paris, France
the chicken I had at Le Chat Bossu

I had chicken, my husband had a hamburger, and we drank 500ml of wine for €55.

It wasn’t particularly delicious, but there were a lot of locals there, so I enjoyed the atmosphere.

We didn’t have dessert here, so we bought 6 macarons at a shop in Gare de Lyon.

I watched over the luggage while my husband went inside the shop and pay, but when he came out, his eyes were wide.

Apparently, each macaron cost over €3 .

When I looked into this shop called Laduree, I found out that this patisserie is the historical one which created macarons.

Laduree shop at Gare de Lyon in Paris, France
We did not know it was a famous shop.

That’s why it’s expensive.

We ate them carefully on the train, and they were really delicious.

The crunchiness and moistness were in good harmony, and each flavour came out well, so there was nothing to complain about.

Now, regarding the train journey, the approximately 2 hour journey to Lyon was very smooth.

However, the train stopped for a long time just before the next station.

When the train finally arrived at the station, I saw policemen in bulletproof vests surrounding a fat man on the platform.

Apparently, this man was threatening the black conductor by using abusive language.

the macarons we had in the Frecciarossa in the journey from Paris to Milan
absolutely delicious

The train departed, leaving this man and his companions behind.

However, after a while the train got stuck again.

This time it was due to bad weather.

In the end, Frecciarossa, which was supposed to arrive at Milan’s Centrale station at 22:07, arrived just after 24:00, two hours late.

On top of that, as soon as we stepped outside the station, heavy rain started falling and it turned into a thunderstorm.

And of course there was a long queue at the taxi stand.

After shaking off the gypsy women who tried to cut in on us, we finally got into a taxi and finally reached our destination very late at night.