Showing economic difficulty

[July, 2011] Ireland was called ‘Celtic Tiger’ until  some years ago because of its economic success. But Leman Shock changed the situation and now having a huge debt as a country and they are really…


Shopping in Kilkenny

[July, 2011] The last stop of our Ireland bus tour was Kilkenny. There are a lot to see here with castle and churches and so on, but I spent most of the time in a…


A castle with a stone and poison garden

[July, 2011] This is Blarney Castle in Ireland. The tour guide told us to go and kiss a stone there, so without knowing what it was, we went up to the top and got surprised….


Che Guevara, again

[July, 2011] This is a T-shirt of Che Guevara found in a souvenir shop in Killarney in Ireland. We found Che T-shirt not only in Cuba, but also Sardinia in Italy and Scotland, too. There…


This is an Aran Sweater

[July, 2011] Sweaters from Aran Islands in Ireland are famous all over the world. I went to the largest island in Aran a few years ago. It was a bleak place. I heard that each…


Bleak beach

[July, 2011] I am not sure if this beach belong to Derrynane House, where Daniel O’Connel lived. He was a leader of the Irish independence movement in 19th century. The view with the mist was…


Stick to America

[July, 2011] This is a view of Valentia Island which is connected by a bridge to the mainland Ireland. Here in mid 19th century, they made the first transatlantic telegraph cable. Yes, Ireland is very…


A fortress more than 1000 years ago

[July, 2011] To be honest, in this bus tour in Ireland I could not understand the guide very well. His Irish English was far beyond my listening comprehension ability. So I am not 100% sure…


A town I want to visit again

[July, 2011] When we went around the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland in the bus tour, the weather was the best and I got satisfied very much, but only thing I was disappointed was that we…