Stick to America

Stick to America

[July, 2011] This is a view of Valentia Island which is connected by a bridge to the mainland Ireland.

Here in mid 19th century, they made the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

Yes, Ireland is very close to America, mentally.

I have never seen an European country with so many American (Canadian included) tourists proportionally as Ireland.

And Irish love them.

A lot of shops or hotels or restaurants have American flag.

They use only EU flag to show welcome for any European countries.

Maybe because a lot of their ancestors immigrated to America, and many Americans come here to look into their roots.

Ireland is one of the riskiest countries financially at the moment and gets a lot of pressure from EU and financial market.

One of the guides declared ‘ We never be able to pay back this debt!’.

And another one said ‘ We became independent from England for a while, but now we are under Brussels or Frankfurt’ .

They are not happy by controlled by European countries which they do not feel any closeness at all.

They may be happier if they belonged to USA…

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