French burgers always have cheese

French burgers always have cheese

[July 2023] After visiting the Millet Museum in Barbizon, France, we continued walking along the main straight road in the village.

interesting artwork seen in Barbizon, France
one of the artworks along the main street in Barbizon

Because it is the famous art village, there were some innovative works of art scattered along the way.

Our next destination was the Barbizon Museum, but we found a church on the way so we decided to go inside.

I didn’t check the name on the spot, but I think it was Eglise Notre Dame de la Perseverance.

It’s a small and simple church, but it has a nice atmosphere.

After doing some research, I learned that this place was originally a barn owned by Théodore Rousseau, one of the painters who came to this village, and was renovated into a church.

the light on a book inside Eglise Notre Dame de la Perseverance, a church in Barbizon, France
inside Eglise Notre Dame de la Perseverance

In the 19th century, as painters began to gather there, this quiet village suddenly became lively, and a church became necessary.

I imagine that the painters of that time were very religious.

Apparently it was expanded twice in the 20th century, so the original must have been smaller and cuter.

After leaving this church, we continued onward, but now it was time for lunch.

I’ve written before that we don’t neglect lunch, and the same goes for my friend and her husband who were with us.

exterior of Eglise Notre Dame de la Perseverance in Barbizon, France
lovely small church of Eglise Notre Dame de la Perseverance

Instead of ending up at the museum we were aiming for, we decided to head back down the main road in the village in search of a restaurant that we could have lunch.

So, in the end, we settled on a hamburger shop where the curator of the Millet Museum was sitting at a table outside.

It’s called Arts de la Table.

Four of us sat on the terrace and each ordered a hamburger.

A friend who lives in Fontainebleau said, “When you order a hamburger in France, there’s always cheese inside.”

Indeed, mine also had cheese in it.

waffle at Arts de la Table, a restaurant in Barbizon, France
delicious waffle

I don’t remember the burger itself being particularly delicious.

But for dessert, I ordered a waffle with salted caramel that was labelled  “gaufre” and it was delicious.

It was crispy, light, a masterpiece.

Oh, I just checked and found out that waffles are called gaufres in French.

For me, when I thought of Gaufre, I thought of Fugetsudo’s (a Japanese confectionery maker) flat, crunchy sweets with cream filling, so I thought they were different things.

My friend and her husband were eating a cute cake with some strawberry on it instead of a gaufre.

strawberry cake at Arts de la Table, a restaurant in Barbizon, France
this cake looked good, too

I’m sure people have different opinions on what’s delicious in France, but for me, cakes in France are the best.

The ladies who served us at this restaurant were very cheerful and I was left with the impression it was a little fake.