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Sardinia, nice colours

[August, 2010] Simply…I like this colours, this blue and this white and this brown.It was a small village inland, and there were no tourists, not many people, only a strong sun was there.I liked it…..


Sardinia square

[August, 2010] Italy is one country but there are so many different cultures and so many different  languages.This is an example in Sardinia where often some name are written in italian and in sardinian, and…


Sardinia church

[August, 2010] When I saw this church, first impression I got was that was I in Mexico or in Sardinia?  Well, I never been to Mexico so I’m sure I was in Sardinia!!!!


Crete – horse in port

[August, 2009] I don’t know why but I like this picture, in Crete an horse in not so typical and this one was a touristic carriage, in any case I like that…


Jewish tradition

[May, 2010] When we went down to the dining room in the hotel in Pitigliano in Italy, the landlady was having her breakfast. She was putting Ricotta into her coffee. She said that is a…


The art of hanging washings

[May, 2010] I have a strong feeling that those people living in houses where many tourists go carefully hang their washings so that it can be a good photo opportunities.This is one example in Riomaggiore…


How about men in kilt?

[April, 2010] Kilt is the famous costume for men in Scotland. But apparently not all over Scotland, but only in Highland originally. In the era of Queen Victoria, it became a fashion and people started…


Famous OXO tower

[April, 2010] There are a lot of famous buildings in London, so maybe many tourists overlook this OXO Tower by the river Thames, but this is another well-known building in this city. Built as a…


Nice and quiet night in Milan

[November, 2010] During day time, this square in front of Duomo in Milan is lively with full of people, but late at night it was very clear and quiet.