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Having a Lunch in Arezzo

[May, 2010] On the way to the south, of course I got hungry. So I stopped in a pretty town called Arezzo in Tuscany. The restaurant  I was planning to go was closed, and a…


The Colourful Houses in Riomaggiore

[May, 2010] Unfortunately the next day was not sunny and the sea was rough so the sightseeing boat was cancelled.So I took the road to Riomaggiore, which was nice enough.The town, one of the famous…


The Room with the View in Portovenere

[May, 2010] The weather was bad at the beginning of the journey and I hesitated if I should go on or not, but in the end I decided to come to Portovenere, which was a…


Relaxing town of Kirkby Lonsdale

[June, 2010] In June, we visited our friends in north west England. They took us to a town called Kirkby Lonsdale, which had a very relaxing atmosphere. We walked along a river and then had a…


One afternoon in April on Thames

[April, 2010] It was a nice and warm afternoon in April. We walked around the Thames in London for about one hour and found this striking arm!


Japan, wonderful food…

[December, 2009] Last winter we went to Japan. There, always we find a variety of foods in many places. Here in Asakusa in Tokyo, this man sells wonderful foods…as always.


Meet the Highland Cows

[August, 2010] It was one of the most exciting experiences in Scotland when we met the hairly Highland cows.

San Marino

I have been in San Marino!

It was a unique experience to be above the clouds in San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world.


‘ Knossos Palace’, a highlight of the holiday

[Aug.2009] The ferry journey from Athens to Crete was a highlight of my summer holiday of that year.The big ferry called 'Knossos Palace' was a decent hotel on the sea.The cabin was more functional than…