At the caravansary

At the caravansary

[ Autumn 2005 ] The caravansary we visited in Armania is situated in a highland which is more than 2400 metres high.

The place is called Selim Pass and the view from here was breathtaking.

We could see the valley of our restaurant which we had lunch just a while ago far below.

This caravansary was built in early 14th century.

A few young people from nearby village were here to have a barbecue.

Armenian men have rather strong features with thick eyebrows, two of them connected together sort of type.

A lot of young women are pretty, but most of the middle aged and upwards are stumpy.

An older man of the people gathered there, for some reason, gave me a branch of a tree whose name sounded like Chichihan, which had a lot of yellow berries.

My tour group people hooted me as you can imagine.