Shopping on the last day

Shopping on the last day

[ Autumn, 2005 ] We spent some time and money on the last day in Armenia.

First, I bought two bottles of Armenian cognac.

They were not the famous ‘Ararat’, but something else which was about 4 dollars each.

After that, we went to Vernissage market.

This is an open air market selling Armenian craft goods and antiques.

Here I bought a necklace made of local stones ( cannot remember the name) and a book with the cover made of intricately carved wood.

At a weaving stall, I got stuck with the clever mother and daughter and ended up buying a piece of old textile from Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to them, they re-started their traditional weaving after independence, but it had not really taken off, so the ones they were selling were old ones only.

By the way, this last day of the tour, some of the tour members had a stomach problem.

My room-mate was one of them.

The reason was that they drank the spring water on top of the mountain a day before.

Although clean, you had better be careful about the water.

I was wise not to try this water.

I did not take a good photo of the market, so this is a photo of a big square in Yerevan taken on the day.