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An amazing building in Tokyo

[December, 2009] In Tokyo there are some amazing buildings like this one. This is real, not a trick of the photo.


Edinburgh in Rain

[April, 2010] On Sunday morning, it was raining in Edinburgh. We started walking in the old part of the city, which is on the hill where the castle and our hotel are, then down to…

Emilia Romagna

Lunch in Modena

[June, 2010] On the way back, I got hungry again.So I stopped in a town called Modena in Emilia Romagna.This is not too far from Bologna and the colour of the houses were like the…


Civita di Bagnoregio, a island in a land

[May, 2010] I did not know this strangest town until a friend of mine told me that it inspired a Japanese cartoon drama called Laputa; Castle in the Sky.Well, I am not a cartoon fan,…


Having a Lunch in Arezzo

[May, 2010] On the way to the south, of course I got hungry. So I stopped in a pretty town called Arezzo in Tuscany. The restaurant  I was planning to go was closed, and a…


The Colourful Houses in Riomaggiore

[May, 2010] Unfortunately the next day was not sunny and the sea was rough so the sightseeing boat was cancelled.So I took the road to Riomaggiore, which was nice enough.The town, one of the famous…


The Room with the View in Portovenere

[May, 2010] The weather was bad at the beginning of the journey and I hesitated if I should go on or not, but in the end I decided to come to Portovenere, which was a…