World first iron bridge

World first iron bridge

[ May 2013 ] The first iron bridge was built in 1779 and it is still there now in a quiet village called Ironbridge which is situated in the middle of England.

In those days, iron was too expensive to use for a bridge, but around here, the cheaper way of smelting was developed and that led to make this bridge.

The river down there is Severn.

This area is listed as a World Heritage as the birthplace of Industrial Revolution.

According to our tour guide, once the bridge connected the two villages in front of each other, most of villagers of one side moved to the other.

I wonder if it is true, but  in fact there were not many houses on the other side of the river.

This bridge seems the landmark in this area and there was a newly married couple there to take some photos.

It was a very English pretty village.