The wife of Mr. Shakespeare

The wife of Mr. Shakespeare

[ May, 2013 ] In Stratford-upon-Avon, we visited Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway’s house and looked at it from outside.

It is quite a big house with thatched roof.

Her father was apparently a yeoman and seems have been quite wealthy.

Shakespeare and Anne got married when he was 18 and she was 26.

Even in those days, 18 was too young, and on the other hand, 26 as a bride was too old.

She was already pregnant, so they had to get married quickly before her belly became too obvious.

Just hearing this, I can imagine he was a unrestrained person.

And it is not clear what he did to support his family early days of their marriage.

But fortunately, after he went to London late 1580s, he became famous and late 1590, he bought the second largest house in the town.

When you think of an artist, you would imagine his/her efforts in the poverty to create something wonderful, but in Shakespeare’s case, he did not seem to have any money problems in his life.