English castle in Wales (Conwy - Wales)

English castle in Wales

[ May, 2013 ] This was my third time to come to Conwy in north Wales, but I did not know that this magnificent castle is English.

I thought it was Welsh.

Our tour guide who was an English told us “In the 13th century, King Edward the 1st got tired of being attacked by various European countries and suggested Welsh and Scottish kings to get united.

But they refused, so he started attacking them by force”.

As a result, Wales lost the war and became under English rule in 1282.

This castle was made after that as a fortress for English force.

Edward 1 gave the title ‘Prince of Wales’ to his son as the ruler here.

So even now the Prince Charles, who is to come to the throne is Prince of Wales.

I suppose if our guide was a Welsh, the explanation would have been different.

Usually, I feel the UK is one country, but when you come across this sort of stories, you realise it is really ‘united kingdom’.

Wales is one country with  their own language.

Edward 1 attacked Scotland again and again, too and according to our guide, he was the source of English people being disliked.

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