enjoyed the market in Usaquen

[ Dec.2016 ] The streets in central Bogota in Colombia cross each other at right angles. The streets from north to south are called Carrera and from east to west are called Calle and each street…


Emerald in Bogotà

[ Dec.2016 ] Some days before we left for Colombia, I was at an antique complex in London and a vendor told me “This emerald is from Colombia. The emeralds of Colombia is the best…


La Candelaria and the lively restaurant in Bogotà

[ Dec.2016 ] The last place we went during our first tour in Bogota was an area called La Candelaria where this city was born. There were many 300-year-old restored houses with full of graffiti…


Coca tea for the first time in my life

[ Dec.2016 ] We drank Coca tea for the first time in our life on the hill of Monserrate in Bogota. Coca, as you know is the leaf which could be processed to make cocaine….


arriving in Bogota

[ Dec.2016 ] We spent our Christmas-New Year holiday in Colombia. Because our travel in the three countries in South America the year before was wonderful, we wanted to know this continent more. We used the…