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A clever system in Kitakata

[December, 2009] We were very surprised when we saw this system to avoid the ice on the road in winter for the first time in Kitakata in Fukushima Prefecture. It was bitterly cold, but very interesting…


A fine evening in Montepulciano

[July, 2010] I did not get tired of walking in this pretty town of Montepulciano, Tuscany, but it is getting dark and had to find a dinner place. We really needed a light supper, but…


Japanese food on the New Year

[January, 2010] I like Japanese food.This photo shows a part of the New Year's dinner at home.It is so colourful! In Japan it is important how to present food as well as the taste.


The Cathedral in Siena

[July, 2010] It was too late to look all around Siena, but I managed to see Campo and the Duomo. Also I came across a parade of the famous Palio winner. Palio took place a…


A Wonderful View of San Gimignano

[July, 2010] San Gimignano is famous for its towers. I went up one of them and looked down the town, which was wonderful. This town appeared in the film ‘Tea with Mussolini’.


Not only old car in Cuba

[April, 2010] Cuba is famous all over in the world for its old car but there are a lot of old bike or old sidecar like in this photo in Trinidad.


Pienza, another pretty town in Tuscany

[July, 2010] I dropped in a small town of Pienza in Tuscany because the hotel landlady in Montepulciano recommended. It is an another pretty town in Tuscany, which is listed in the Unesco World Heritage…


A Balcony in Montepulciano

[Aug.2010] Montepulciano is a pretty town in Tuscany. We stayed in an old hotel with a balcony, which had a good atmosphere. The landlady of the hotel told us that there used be a lot…


And…horse…and…old car..

[April, 2010] In the lively centre of Cienfuegos there are a lot of different ways to transport, old cars, horses… People’s clothes and style are not different from ours. So it is a world of mixture of past and present,…