Summer holiday means swimming in the sea

Summer holiday means swimming in the sea

[Aug. 2023] On our third day in Nafplio, a historic town on the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece, we went swimming in the sea.

Swimming in the sea is an essential part of our summer holiday.

the view seen from Karathona Beach near Nafplio, Greece
Karathona Beach in the nature

However, the Japanese friend we spent this holiday with said it was her first time swimming in the sea since high school.

Even though Japan is an island country and is surrounded by the sea, there are many people who do not go into the sea.

What a waste.

On this day, she decided to join us and we all went to Karathona Beach on the outskirts of Nafplio.

It seemed like the best route was to walk along a path along the coast for about an hour, so that’s what we were aiming for at first, but we seemed to have taken a wrong turn and couldn’t find the path right away, so we ended up taking a taxi.

Karathona Beach with full of people in Nafplio, Greece
very popular beach

The taxi went over the hill and reached the sea.

It is a picturesque curved bay with a sandy beach.

There seemed to be three beach houses (facilities where you can rent umbrellas and eat and drink) on this beach, but the rest of the place was wild.

Behind us was a rocky mountain.

I remember when we went to Fontane Bianche beach on the outskirts of Syracuse in Sicily last year, the houses were built right up to the sand.

It was Sunday and Karathona Beach was very busy.

the palm tree on Karathona Beach in Nafplio, Greece
our chairs were under this tree

Utopia, the beach house in front of us when we got off the taxi was full and no parasol was left.

However, when we looked around, we noticed that there were extra deck chairs piled up on top of each other.

We put those chairs under a palm tree a little away from the crowds.

It was a good atmosphere.

At this beach house, the rule is that you don’t have to pay for a deck chair/parasol, but you have to order drinks, so we bought 3 drinks and it cost us €12.

My friend, who hadn’t been to the beach in a while, hadn’t brought even a swimsuit and was only wearing a tank top and leggings.

parasols on Karathona Beach in Nafplio, Greece
view of the beach with parasols

At first, she said, “I’ll just go in with my legs,” but she gradually went deeper until the water was up to her neck.

She struggled and said, “I don’t know how to float,” but eventually got used to it and improved.

The water here is green and clear.

There were a few white fish with black spots that were 10 to 15 cm long.

My husband and our friend were constantly being poked.

We had a light lunch at this beach house.

I had the sausage, my friend had the gyros, and my husband had the tzatziki which was a little bland.

flowers on Karathona Beach in Nafplio, Greece
plant on the beach

This, plus two spritzes and a beer, cost €48.

It wasn’t very delicious, nor was it cheap, but it can’t be helped since it’s a place like this.

After taking a break, we went into the sea again, then called a taxi, and headed back.