Jingtong Jiufen Sanxia
Shifen Taipei Yingge

Stone Market

In the morning of the last day of our stay in Taiwan, we went to Guanghua Jade Market before the guide came to pick us up for the airport. In fact this was the main…


Plenty of butter

[Dec.2012] As soon as we arrived in Sansia by train and bus from Taipei, our Taiwanese friend said ' we have to eat this in Sansia' and took us to one shop selling Bull Horn…


Gorgeous like a palace

[Dec.2012] We went to Taiwan joining a tour which we could book online. When we needed to choose the hotel, I found this very Chinese looking Grand Hotel and chose it without any hesitation. It…


Local Line

[ May, 2015 ] From Jiufen in Taiwan, we took a local train to Shifen. We pushed our way onto the train at Ruifeng station, because we had learned that there were no reservations and…