Our priority was lunch

Our priority was lunch

[Dec. 2022] We only stayed one night in Zafra, a town in the western part of Spain, and returned to Caceres in the afternoon of this day.

the seafood restaurant, La Choquera is facing Plaza Chica in Zafra, Spain
the outdoor tables of the restaurant facing Plaza Chica

We had a reservation for the 3:35pm bus, so we stopped sightseeing and started looking for restaurants.

There were still 2-3 places to see, but my husband and I are not the type to go sightseeing even if we cut our meals, but we prioritise eating over sightseeing.

Food is a very important part of  our travel (and life!).

I think it was past 1:00pm when we left the Alcazar to start looking for a restaurant, but the one that we wanted to go to was turned us down because it opened at 2:00pm.

So we came back to the Plaza Grande area and searched for open restaurants.

There was a nice looking restaurant in the Plaza Chica next door.

the octopus dish of La Choquera, a seafood restaurant in Zafra, Spain
delicious octopus salad

The man who was preparing was hesitant, but a witty woman came out and let us in.

The man was outmatched by this vigorous woman.

This is a seafood restaurant called La Choquera.

Since the destinations of this holiday were all inland, I didn’t expect to eat seafood, but I’m glad I found it here.

We shared three dishes : Salt-grilled prawns like Mazzancolle (prawns were thin), octopus and potato salad (a little Russian salad-like and delicious), and thick calamari.

As for wine, we had two glasses each of white wine.

The bill was a little over €44.

the chocolate cake we had in Zafra, Spain
super rich chocolate cake

I was very satisfied.

For dessert, we went back to our hotel and had a very heavy chocolate cake at the bar.

To be honest, it was too heavy and my husband couldn’t finish it, which is very rare.

That was the end of Zafra.

We asked the hotel staff to call a taxi for us to go to the bus station.

bus station in Zafra, Spain
Zafra bus station

The journey was about two hours, and I had a good sleep.

By the way, when we returned to our hotel room in Caceres, something was different.

It took me some time to realise that the curtains had changed.