Plenty of butter

Plenty of butter

[Dec.2012] As soon as we arrived in Sansia by train and bus from Taipei, our Taiwanese friend said ' we have to eat this in Sansia' and took us to one shop selling Bull Horn Croissant, which is a kind of bread.

It looks like a croissant, but harder and very buttery taste.

There are a lot of specialised shops in Sansia, but our friend took us to a particular one called 福美軒(I do not know how to read this in Taiwanese or English name).

It was situated between the bus stop and Minchuan Old Street.

We waited for the bread to be baked to get the fresh ones there.

I thought Bull Horn Croissant was born when they faild to make a croissant, but according to Nishinippon newspaper, they created this bread being inspired by Japanese way of kneading rice cake.

And this 福美軒 is the original shop apparently.